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Thanks for building up this site with full detail of this amazing game! Just found these speed run videos make by Mian Fei in 2 years ago and he finished the game in 26:50 mins. The skillset is awesome although it is game bug.

I really really enjoy these video and makes me want to play Zeliard again. Hope you enjoy too!
Mike from Hong Kong (11-12-2019)
Hey o/
I grew up with my brothers' collection of DOS-games and Zeliard is still one of the gems I'm really fond of. I have developed some interest in speedrunning so I did some research (also through this site) and set up a site at
You're all welcome to join of course ;-)

Have a nice day, happycamper
happycamper (12-10-2019)
Regarding "Skipping the first cavern" in "Fun with bugs". I was able to reproduce the method, but I'm not sure about the assertion that "This also gives you the option to go to the next level with an extra key.". You get a key from defeating Cangrejo (which you need for opening the door to Satono), so if you skip him you don't have an extra key. Arguably, you could approach him from the back and spare the key from the front entrance, but when I tried that, I spawned directly on top of Cangrejo and insta-died. Perhaps this is feasible when you're more powerful.
Holy-Fire (27-05-2019)
Hey thanks for the great resource... I played this in DOS while growing up with my dad, keep playing this around once a year... am 32 now.
Tyler (29-03-2019)
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Hi. Kuro here again. I did some additional research into the game mechanics and I have a whole bunch of additional information on the DOS version, plus information on the two JP versions of the game for the PC-88 and SHARP X1 computer systems. If interested, feel free to give me a yell!
Kuro-chan (01-08-2018)
Thanks for keeping this site up all these years. What a great game. Could easily have been a zelda or mario type franchise but all we got was this one amazing game just about no one has ever heard of!
Woowoo (25-05-2018)
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Hellada actually means Greece, in the Greek language. Makes sense, as Greece is the land of the sun, and we learn that before Jashin the frozen town of Hellada used to be a subby, warm place.
Alex (27-02-2018)
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Wiley (15-12-2017)
You reported that very well.
John (27-11-2017)
You reported that very well.
John (27-11-2017)
Exelent Site !! , im play it in my XT 8088 and VGA Monitor , im not finish the game but i think i play it and try again to finight him ...

Best regards

From Argentina

Thierry (05-10-2014)
Zeliard has always been one of my favorite games! I go back to land of Zeliard now and then and play through the whole game. It's great! And so is your website; good to know there are many more like me who enjoy this game :) Keep up the good work!
Jarek (01-09-2014)

I am having issues with the game. It starts fine but minute I enter the cavern, the screen remains blank and also the inventory boxes are also black. Can you help me fix it.

gustavo (27-08-2014)
this made my day i got a ms points card code and i cant believe it actually worked click on
spencermartinez (23-06-2014)
Hi all

Can you recommend some games(of the same calibre) like zeliard for the PS-Vita and maybe Xbox 1 ?

Thanks in advance
shovon (20-05-2014)

I remember playing this one when I was 23 and just getting introduced to computers in the year 1993 . Thus wayyyy long back !
I also remember always getting killed by the Giant crab ( 1st level) . no matter how hard I tried I could never get across that crab [Cangrejo]
Then I eventually gave up playing zeliard because of Cangrejo . But memories linger
Now I read that a Magia stone would kick its backside to oblivion .but this is way back down in year 2014 hahahaha ha .

I have dnloaded dosbox and will give this one definitely a try again and finally extract revenge on that dumb crab after 20 years  ! I mean it ! Grrr 

Yours has been an excellent work on the web page , so always keep the site on if possible.

In the meantime time has moved on and I have kids now with PS vitas ;). Can you recommend some games like zeliard for the Vitas and maybe Xbox 1 ?
Zeliard was a Great game and I could sniff it , even though I never made it past the 1st level ;p

Thx. For any info ( and if you have any other sites that you have made , pl. do let know)

Cheers & Thanks !

Shovon (19-05-2014)
Hello everyone

I live in South Korea called the ezx.

Proficient in English because I do not have to use translator.

Because of meaning and may not be properly delivered.

First, from an early age I enjoyed Zeliard.

Duke Garland's first on one side of my heart lies a hero.
It is clear to me Zeliard may be due to the time and effort put into. grandeur of the music of today, dungeon gimmick, abandoning self-interest in

ending the main character. I still can not forget the vague impression.

I am a Game Programmer. However, a lot more immature.

I've always thought.

Zeliard fans would one day make a game.

Adhere to traditional side-scrolling 3D, but want to create a while.

The story is original Duke Garland (1990) in the last 20 years (2014) Kingdom of Zeliard again be willing to come back also.

Zeliard is to save the crisis will come back.

Kingdom of Zeliard why recontamination while feeling that the hero is questionable horse.

Garland's been 20 years, but did not change in appearance is not so in the future.

I have no drawing skills are very poor.

But I think my game looks Garland is as follows:

I do not know whether I will try to finish this.
ezx (22-02-2014)
Hi! I just read this site, and it's INCREDIBLE! I played long hours as a kid, trying to find the Fairy Flame Sword :)

Two precisions for the translations:

Riza (the cavern) comes from Rhiza, that is the greek for ROOTS.

Cementar (the cavern) comes from Cementerio, that means GRAVEYARD.

Lanzar (the spell) means TO THROW, literally, but it's probably meant for LANZA (spear).

Arrugia is an undergriund gold mine.

I hope to have contributed here!
Alfredo Zorrilla (04-01-2014)
In 2013 a game called Spelunky was released. Even though it's not quite the same genre as Zeliard (Spelunky is a roguelike platformer rather than RPG platformer), there is a LOT of similarity in design! Look at the comparison:
Gene (25-09-2013)
There is an easy failsafe way to fight Vista. Use magic stone, stand in one corner, turn face towards middle, press up and down arrow at same time (enables you to fight with sword swinging above without jumping). Every time Visto comes to your end start swinging the sword. When shield starts wearing out repair it magical (one dose will be enough). Healing will of course be used, but as the shield takes most damage, it isn't so bad.
Anders (18-08-2013)
Hi, I'm from Argentina, I have played Zeliard when I was a little girl in the 90's... thanks to the waltkthroughs and maps on the internet I could finally, in the 2000, arriv eto the end of the game!!! It's very addictive!!! now I'm 31 years old and last night I have been 5 hours playing, aproxiamtely two of them... trying to reach Vista and I finally did... two hours ago... now I arrived to Tarso but I decided to have a rest for some days :) Do you know any DOS game similar to zeliard that you recomend me? best regards!!!
Laura (14-07-2013)
I welcome you, the great and terrible (in the good sense of the word) the authors of the site!

(I apologize in advance for the grammar - I write with the help of online translator)
I'm from Russia, from his childhood in love with Zeliard! In the distant 1992, at the age of 3 years, I watched as my father was killed monsters, I looked for a wonderful Princess, but couldn't play it myself! Scary!)
Cool, because now there is the opportunity to return to this game and go through it again! I want to Express my gratitude to you for the detailed description of all of the secrets and subtleties of the game! You showed me a lot of new things!) Perhaps, your site is the best out of all the sites, dedicated to Zeliard) thank you very Much!) Success in the enterprises)
Lunyavaya (02-04-2013)

is temporarily down, so the adress will forward to your page for a while...
thanks :)
Mike (28-03-2013)

Hopefully you are still around! I sent you an email recently to the zeliard gmail account you have posted (In a clever way too, if I may add). I threw in a proposal, plus some more data you can add to your site (To sweeten the offer). :)

Adam Goode (09-01-2013)
Zeliard's a great game. Nice to have such a detailed site about it.
Jack Dandy (26-06-2012)
Hi anoniem,

You can follow the installation instructions here:

Basically, you will need to download an application called DosBox to make things work.
Weet iemand hoe je zeliard moet installeren op windows vista
anoniem (02-06-2012)
How to install zeliard on windows vista???
anoniem (02-06-2012)
Can somebody please tell me how to load a saved game???
Sonua (20-05-2012)
I gotta agree, fire cave is probably the hardest. Even knowing the route there are two annoying places - one with vertical platforms where you have to jump from one to another and another is the labyrinth of invisible walls, where, even knowing the route, you're likely to get pushed by blue bastards. Dragon is weak - a single sabre oil and a healing fruit and he goes down pretty easily. Btw, Jashiin is the easiest boss ever on my opinion. With enchantment sword and 5 sabre oils he goes down with just 3 hits or so :)
Akikojam (29-02-2012)
Hi there

I just rediscovered this game on youtube a few days ago and I remembered that I could never get past the fire caverns.

Just finished it with some help from your walkthrough.
Awesome work mate, and thanks!

Chris de Swardt (08-02-2012)
There is an easy way to kill the dragon without using the blue potion.

In the Walkthrough, they say that spells don't do a lot of damage, true. But if you have bought Chikara Powders, he will go down after a while using agua, rascar and lanzar spells.

I had 4 Chikara Powders and 1 Juu-en Fruit (just in case) and he died with only my spells. If you don't have more than 20 lanzar spells, i suggest buying 5 Chikara Powders.

What do to? If you enter the boss room, just go left next to the wall, kneel down and start shooting all those spells. Because you are kneeled, he shoots fire just above your head and you won't be hurt! Be careful: do not let him come to close otherwise he could hurt you with his vertical flames.
Woolsack (07-01-2012)
I was child (12 years old)
Martin (15-12-2011)
I was child (12 year old)
Martin (15-12-2011)
Hi Torus, you should be able to play the game in Windows 7 using DosBox. Read the installation instructions in the About the Game section on this website for more details
This is my favorite game of all time, I played it way back in the day. I have already downloaded it and beat it from this site back when I still used XP. Recently I have had the urge to play through it again but it does not work on Windows 7, any ideas on how to fix this? I would very much like to play through this amazing game again.
Torus (31-07-2011)
This is a really great site with a ton of information! I'm glad to see other people are passionate about this classic game! Also, thanks for posting my youtube video in the bugs section!
edh1017 (29-07-2011)
You effort is much appreciated. A great site. The only way to enhance it further would be to include youtube vids for the present day. Would never have finished it without visiting your site.
Vik (13-07-2011)
Wonderful site!
However, I want to note: You can actually hurt Vista without the Knight's Sword. Go to one end of the cavern(I prefer left) and kneel down in the gap, equip your weapons of destruction and start killing(You can do more damage if you rise up and do overhead strike - however, you can get hurt more too). I lost the computer that I had Zeliard on before I actually could defeat our cyclops, and it's been bugging me since(great to have access once again to test out more now). Didn't know how to level up - however, got to the point where it was about equal. I'd guess Vista is killable without the Knight's Sword if you can get your HP close to his.
'Lement (16-05-2011)
Hi I'm Aabda Moral, the one that helped Luis Moral doing the maps. I'm his daugther, I hope the maps are useful for you. My father did an excellent job I believe, he worked very hard doing the maps. He unfortunately passed away 7 years ago because of cancer :(... But I think he would like you to enjoy the maps so don't forget to download them :)
Aabda Moral - Lima - Peru
Aabda (10-04-2011)
Dude... I almost soiled myself seeing this game still being played and enjoyed by so many!! Obviously this is the greatest game ever conceived. Duke Garland has Mario for breakfast and a Commander Keen main dish with Duke Nukem for dessert. And, I don't want to offend people, but, let me be frank on this matter: I never really understood why people kept nagging about how Zeliard would be a Zelda ripoff. But after playing Zeliard again today it came to me: Zelda is for PUSSIES! A pussy couldn't grasp the endless importance of a pair of testicles. Nor can he/she, thus, comprehend the immense balls that must be dangling between Duke Garlands legs. Wich brings me to my main point: There is a great deal of difference between Zelda and Zeliard, this difference is, mainly, due to the absence of Zeldas balls.... O.. and ..NO I'm NOT a homosexual, although I like to emphasise the importance of a adequately filled scrotum on a truely great site like thisone. Live long and prosper..
Aldude (29-03-2011)
Loving the site. Keep up the good work!
Keith Prowler (25-02-2011)
Hi everyone. I've done many major updates to the site! I've incorporated a lot of the new information gathering over the years into separate sections on this site:
  • Major updates to the Translations section. Thanks to all the comments people have left over the years.
  • New Game Internals section with details about sword damage, experience points and leveling up information.
  • New Community Projects section with links to Zeliard re-make projects and other community resources
  • Updated Fun with Bugs sections with videos of tricks that are possible in various levels
  • Added more instructions for installing and playing game in the About section. Also added original game box art, official manual, video review and many screenshots
  • Enemies and Boss sections are updated with Experience Points you gain by killing them
  • All Walkthrough pages contain detailed hi-res maps of the caverns now
  • See a word cloud on the Messages page to quickly get an idea of what discussion has been going on
  • Facebook and Twitter links and share buttons - 'Like' us and follow us!
  • Google Custom site search - try it out: Search for 'Dragon'

  • Fixed mistakes in content:

  • Updated content:

  • Cleaned formatting, fixed broken CSS and updated links
28 Nov 2010
Thanks for pointing out those errors in the Towns section, Duke Garland. I've fixed the mistakes and the list of Magic Items in various towns should be accurate now.
23 Nov 2010
Don't know what version of Zeliard you have but in mine you can not buy Chikara Powder in the magic shop of Dorado.

What is going on?
Duke Garland (15-10-2010)
Neither can you buy a Magia Stone in the magic shop of Tumba.
Duke Garland (15-10-2010)
As far as I know you can not buy a Magia Stone in the magic shop of Helada.
Duke Garland (14-10-2010)
I recall this game from my childhood, and back then the furthest level I made it to was the Ice level (I didn't realize back then there was a save feature so each time I played I started a new guy). When that computer finally died I was so sad I couldn't beat it, and vowed to one day return and finally give Jashiin a piece of my mind.

Honestly though I had forgotten about the game until I came across it on this website. I immediately recalled my childhood promise and downloaded the DOS-Box and Zeliard games. Two days later I had made good on the promise I made to the princess oh so long ago.

I feel like a whole person again. Thank you for having this website it was an epic game.
Random Guy (06-10-2010)
I just found Zeliard this week and want to play it. I need the manual or at least a key map. Ys III and Cadash have been favorites of mine since the beginning!

Anyone, please email me a manual or key map. The original manual in PDF would be great!

Keith V (01-10-2010)
Hey Zeliard Fans,

I just want to say that zeliardflash has been moved.

I also have a forum, and I would be very glad if you people would leave some message, or talk about Zeliard. Perhaps some oppinions about the new Zeliard Flash would also be cool.

I do have some ideas, but I really whant to share it with you, guys.

Kind regards,

Zeliard Flash.
ZeliardFlash (21-09-2010)
By the way, there IS an attack strategy to kill the Dragon. It's how I did it when I was seven, and (With more difficulty?) how I did it a few minutes ago.

You need a magia stone and lots of jujuen (In case.) The illumination sword certainly helps, too. Go in, activate your stone and stand back for his first blast of flame. When he is far away from you, he will lean down and extend his neck, chew a few times to warm up his firey breath, and then jet out flame directly at you. This is the *only* firebreathing animation that you can interrupt. You can use magic, but as all your spells do no damage it's better to save them for part two. Jump and chop his head as he first leans down and he will take a step backwards and blink. This is your cue to get away from him before he a.) Breaths fire down onto the ground you are standing on (Always painful) or b.) does a lightning quick CHOMP, which is impossible to see coming and hurts a hell of a lot (About 1/6 of a full health bar with shield, about 1/3 in the back/without shield!). You want to repeat this, over and over, taking a bit of health at a time. The only complication is that sometimes he decides to close the distance between you, put you in the corner and roast you with his diagonal ground breath. This is Part Two of the strategy. To avoid this unwanted proximity, shoot him with magic as he is trundling towards you. Lanzar and Aqua work best. Note you MUST shoot him before he starts any downward flame breath, otherwise he'll roast you anyway. It's almost inevitable that you'll get hit a bit, but don't let your health drop below 1/3 of a full health bar, otherwise a single chomp to your back can finish you off. It takes a lot of patience but that's how I did it... Only because I didn't know what the sabre oils did back then :)

Good luck! He is definatley the hardest boss.
bskinz (12-09-2010)
Hey I played this game too, and have a great time with it. Also i spoke spanish and i have to tell you that there are some things you can change, for example Llama means Flame, Pulpo IS octopus youre right with it.

Hey GREAT page dude, im linking it in my blog
Josekus (12-09-2010)
My childhood was so intertwined with this game that memories of playing bring tears of nostolgia to my eyes. I still remember playing this on an old 286 with EGA graphics (Cutting edge at the time ;) Thanks to you I finally found a version with working MIDI, and have whooped all over that big bully again... and again :) If anyone is having trouble playing it, DOSBOX does the job for me. Oh and incidently, I found out a guy is making a flash version! You can find it here:

It looks like he's not getting any support, either. Go and give him a big pat on the back for keeping the dream alive!

Bskinz (11-09-2010)
has anyone come up with a version that plays on Windows 7?
Stargazer (02-09-2010)
I've made a video
nikita (22-07-2010)
By the way: you can save one key in the Burning Inferno level. Blue dogs can pass you through the unvisible doors in the cavern of Correr, so you don't have to unlock doors with numbers 9 and 23 in the walkthrough!
nikita (22-07-2010)
It seems to me that you are uncorrect about the Light shield. It is much more tough to compare with Honor shield. Please check it.
PS: your site is really great! thank a lot!!
nikita (22-07-2010)
Great Website! And great game! I am also very happy to report that i am trying to port the complete game to Flash !!!!!

Although i am currently developing the game, and the website should me online within 2 weeks.
ZeliardFlash (13-07-2010)
Thanks for the amazing site. I played this game as a kid and never got past the firey level. Thaks to DosBox I'm able to play loads of old games I grew up with. Your hints really helped me complete it.
Si Clark (29-06-2010)
For those that love Zeliard, I am currently developing an MORPG based on Zeliard, its a top down 2D, Ive spent 2 years making an engine for it basically, and this will be the flagship game - so no not another flash in the pan, fade out in 2 weeks game. The engine im using can be found at
Devogen (27-06-2010)
More on weapon/shields:
Someone had mentioned that light shield is actually better than honor shield, this is true. In fact, every point of stone/honor is equal to 2 points of clay/wise man, while every point of light/titanium is equal to 2 points of stone/honor. Also it takes 1 gold to repair every 2 points of damage on armor.

Weapon: Knight's sword is about twice as powerful as training sword, wise man's sword and spirit sword are somewhere in between. Illumination sword is about twice as powerful as knight's sword, and Enchantment Sword is about twice as powerful as Illumination sword. If you character has more power (more max HP), you will also do more damage with your weapon. Sabre oil about doubles weapon power, so if used on a knight's sword then it's as good as illumination sword.
Will (01-06-2010)
THANKS FOR THE AWESOME WALKTRHOUGH. Without it I might take at least one month to finish it.
But now I have finished it in just a week. ;p
And thanks for everything. Too bad Sierra doesn't make a sequence for it. The SPIRIT lied when she said "There is another mission for you." LoL
Have fun , guys.
Fai (23-05-2010)
I've found some mistakes: excange rate in Dorado is 1:6 no 1:4
Rat in the first level allways give a ten almazes
Lobster in the lat level can give you 1 or 10 almazes
Vlad (06-04-2010)
Hi wow what an awesome resource!!

I remember playing this game hard back when I was a kid and I think we got to around level 4 or 5... but it was hard

For those trying to get it to run under modern systems get a program called "D-Fend Reloaded" which is an excellent wrapper for DOSBox which works perfectly!

Anyway thanks for the website and memories!
gaspard (20-02-2010)
Wow, this site brings back so many fond childhood memories!! :)

I never got very far with the game itself, but I still quite liked it :) Embarrassingly enough, I only ever defeated the first "boss" (I still remember how it said "encounter!" before I met him... at least, I think that's what the word was... I didn't know much English at the time XD ). And I remember the weapon-seller banging his fists on the table when you didn't buy anything, and the banker going ". . ." before he notices you XD

It's been about ten years since I played Zeliard... I tried searching for it a few times, but I for some reason I thought it was called "Zilliard", so I never found anything, until today :)

This is a really awesome site, and as someone already said, very thorough. Thank you very much, Savage Dragon! ^_^
Gali (08-12-2009)
hi guys
could someone tell me how to install this game on my windows vista please..thank you
jun (22-09-2009)
Thank you. Really Really!!
Finally, I finished my childhood's Unbreakable Game!!
You rebirth my old memory! really thx!
SH_y (06-09-2009)
A dream of my childhood comes true! I have finished this game!!! :D
Thanks alot for this site it was really helpful and good to read!
Sky (11-08-2009)
I just remembered the name of this game after about 10 years. in the latter two I've searched the net for clues about that old game I used to play .. tears.
Now i'm playing it again and it is really a pleasure to see that other ppl know about it! this really made me happy!
wareddino (17-05-2009)
So I downloaded the soundtrack, but to my dismay, it doesn't have the boss music, or Jashiin's Final boss music. Anywhere where I can find this??
Koru Kinshi (09-04-2009)
where can I get this game. I played it when it first came out and now I want to play it again..please help me find it.
jim (07-03-2009)
it's so awesome that there are still so many people who like to play this game!
I think in my generation (1992) less people know this game, I just know it from my older brothers........and it still works!! I didn't have to download it. And...there were old savegames too!
But, I don't need them. I needed this site.

best regards
Gabbo (girl!!) (21-01-2009)
Very well done walkthrough site, shows how well-developed this game was and how much people loved it. Played this game almost 20 years ago and forgot about it along with my many other old Sierra games. I revisited Chrono Trigger last year and was instantly reminded of Zeliard -- superior soundtrack and immersive environments/artwork for their time.

I would have to say this is one of the PC's best niche side-scrollers for its time. Zeliard itself reminded me of Below the Root, one of the most well-written adventure-RPGs of the mid-80s. It also has some arcade elements from Zelda and other side-scrollers from the NES generation. This game has a lot of nostalgic value and is something any fans of fantasy RPGs might want to look at.
Philip (02-01-2009)
A small contribution to translations: I've found absortar which could be a possible reference to Absor (though not completely). It means to amaze or surprise. It might also be "abyss", suggested from a friend fluent in italian and knowledgable of latin.

Cheers to all zeliarders :D
Jashiin (18-09-2008)
Um so I am not good with computers but I loved this game when I was kid. Could anyone please give me step by step instructions on how to actually get the game to play after I've downloaded it. Like which file to open and what to do with them and all that Jazz
alison (18-09-2008)
Hey man, how ya been? Well just thought I'd drop a line and let everyone who doesn't, know about the forum:

Cheers, it's been awhile :D
Jashiin (07-09-2008)
I played it when I was 6 and passed it without any problems.. now I just can't do it...
Me (05-08-2008)
Your walkthrough for level 8 is wrong!!!! It needs to be fixed. I follow it word for word and I am still getting lost. Are you dislexic? Instead of going right, should I go left? It would be nice if you actually responded to messages!1
Jason (01-08-2008)
Rediscovered Zeliard after 17 years. Great game, great website. Thanks for all the effort.
James (27-07-2008)
I played this game when I was 15 years old. And I played it again this summer, since I missed the music a lot. I like the background music and the mood of Zeliard. I'm grateful to this webpage. And I'm glad to see people still enjoying Zeliard.
Rakkoo (18-07-2008)
Thanks for uploading the game here!
I saw it for a first time when I was 3 or 4 years old, I remember sitting and watching my father play it, sometimes he even let me kill some weaker monsters. :D
And it was like.. 13 or 14 years ago, it's nice to be able to play it again... nostalgy. :)
kate (13-06-2008)
i love this game! But why didn't they make the second part of it... :( . Or something similar to this game...
Kobiic (28-05-2008)
Hi there! Congratulations for this page, and the walkthroughs, they´re very useful. I finish this game when i was ten or eleven, and toke me several months, but now, whit your page, i finish it in a week. What a nostalgia!!!

i from Argentina (spanish spoken) so i never had trouble with the translations.
well, Congratulations again, dude. This page makes me feel like a boy once again. Thanks!
Luciano (01-04-2008)
i want zeliard game free from company or net or any other person , i have zeliard game but on big floopy , plz send me zeliard its my fav,
raza (25-03-2008)
Hi all.
Can someone please tell me how to get the zeltrain program working?
Troy (01-03-2008)
A little contribution to translations:
Espada = Sword
Saeta = Arrow
Fuego = Fire
Lanzar = To throw
Rascar = To scratch (when it itches)
Agua = Water
Guerra = War
Vista = Sight
Llama = Flame
Fin = End
A great site, thanks for helping me to finally finish Zeliard, after quite some time since I played it for the first time
Diego (18-02-2008)
A superior site for a superior game, - most nostalgic, ya know? :)

If anyone interested in remaking this lovable game to 3d - join us here:

We tried this before, but so far achieved little, so any help would be REALLY welcome!

The project is relaunched, previous proofs-of-concept screenshots are available via the link.
watchful shadow (31-01-2008)
Its taken me over a year to remember the name of this game, i loved it when i was little, my dad was so pissed cause we went through three keyboards cause i broke the spacebar that much. This is the best site ive seen for Zeliard.
Stephen (29-01-2008)
this is my first game on my first Pc :)

I`ve never find Joshin :( when I played before 12-14 yaers .......But now I will find this bastard ,thanks to you man GREAT SITE :D :D:D:
nik0la Bulgaria (19-01-2008)
I used to play Zeliard years ago, and I remember discussing the translation with someone over the Internet. I don't claim to be the person on your Translations page (I don't remember who I was in contact with) but I do have a few notes amongst my documents.

I noted that the language appeared to be Iberian, an ancient substratum of Spanish, Portuguese or Basque, and not fully interpreted.

Arrugia means "Underground Way", although the modern word "arroyo" translates more like "stream". The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language says the etymology of "arroyo" is "Spanish, from Vulgar Latin arrugius, gold mine, underground passage, variant of Latin arrugia, a galleried mine."

Lanzar, which you have translated as "to send" or "to send a flame", I have noted as being from the word Lancea, meaning "a spear". I also wrote the modern Spanish word is "lanza", but Babelfish gives me the same result of "it sends" as you got so I'm not sure about that.

Anyway, great site. Very thorough. :-)
DrFrag (14-01-2008)
I've been playing this game since 1992, and it's great to see someone make some semblance of a shrine to it. I've lost that handy little map poster, so it's really convenient to be able to look them up here. Great job. Salame.
COdy (25-12-2007)
A comment on the experience amounts calculated by our dear friend:
If you are in the lower levels(eg. muralla/satono/bosque)
the fastest way to power up is to kill urself. That will give u more experience.
Especially, in level 1, I kill myself once, get powerup from sage, then kill myself twice, get powerup......

This can be done with speed 9 (press F9, speed 9)
Thus power-ups till the life meter reads half maximum can be made really fast this way.

Only problem is u get back to muralla for every powerup, and u will find it painful to execute if u have a shield.
Gowtham kumar (22-12-2007)
I love this game! Awesome.
Started playing it when I was in Class 7. Now I'm an undergrad!!!!
I reached level 8, but got stuck at the point where you dont walk down the lift, but instead take the lift up and fall in to the hole from the lift, so that u dont close the narrow gap to move to the other side.
Then i saw the walkthrough and copied it for the rest of the game! Awesome, level 8 is. It is much better than all the levels put together: One-sided walls, air currents, jumping-practice-fields, 3-way door....
Atleast I found the final enchantment sword and Feruza shoes without requiring walkthrough!!!

Now I have installed windows vista and the game wont run here!!
Gowtham Kumar (22-12-2007)
The swords have a base damage of:
1 + level / 2
2 + level / 2
4 + level / 2
8 + level / 2
16 + level / 2
255 + level / 2

If your level is odd, it rounds down, so three level gains is the same as two, for damage. You only go up in damage power every second level up. (Levels start from zero.)

So a level 4 character with a Training Sword has the same attack power as a level 2 character with a Wise Man's Sword. A level 255 character with the Training Sword will (barely) do half the damage of a level 0 character with the Enchantment Sword. Hee.

So, the moral of the story is, Mokona was quite correct that damage goes up with level! Another good reason to fill out your life meter before fighting the Dragon! (And, in fact, leveling up even after your life meter is full will increase your sword's damage, of course.)

(Hope you don't mind me filling up recent comments on the message board with this stuff! I just hope some of it makes it into your info pages :-D)

♥ Zeliard!!
Crystal (21-11-2007)
Hacking info, continued from my previous two comments:

I find it very interesting that Alguien gives 30000 experience, while Jashiin only gives 10000. Since all levels from 16 on require 60000 experience, that means you can simply fight Alguien twice, and teleport back after each, rather than fighting all the way through!

So two Alguiens for each level after 16. Or, 236 monsters (all of the monsters in that last area give 255 experience each). Or, one Alguien, one Jashiin, and 79 monsters.

By the way, I tried to put the experience chart in the same order as this site, with the same names. Hopefully that will make it easy to add in, if you'd like!

Hopefully I'll have more information for you soon. Right now, I'm trying to figure out the rest of the monster data! Your site is great, I hope this extra info helps :-D
Crystal (21-11-2007)
More information from hacking:

The highest possible level is 255. If you reach that level, not even Sage Indihar can help you improve anymore. The most experience you can hold at one time is 65535. So, that is another way to waste experience, at late levels!

I wrote down the amount of experience given by each monster, too. I'll cut and paste it here:

map1 Frog = 5 experience.
map1 Snail = 2 experience.
map1 Rat = 3 experience.
map1 Bat = 3 experience.
BOSS Cangrejo = 120 experience.

map2 Blue Slime = 4 experience.
map2 Toad = 10 experience.
map2 Danger Bat = 4 experience.
map2 Magical Bat = 255 experience.
map2 Alligator Man = 10 experience.
BOSS Pulpo = 200 experience.

map3 Fox = 10 experience.
map3 Mouse = 20 experience.
map3 Earthworm = 10 experience.
map3 Bush Creature = 20 experience.
BOSS Pollo = 500 experience.

map4 Tortoise = 10 experience.
map4 Green Slime Monster = 10 experience.
map4 Arrow = 20 experience.
BOSS Agar = 1000 experience.

map5 Eyeball Monster = 10 experience.
map5 Spider = 10 experience.
map5 Zombie = 50 experience.
map5 Red Slime Monster = 20 experience.
BOSS Vista = 3000 experience.

map6 Bird of Prey = 50 experience.
map6 Flying Octopus = 50 experience.
map6 Kiss of Death Woman = 100 experience.
BOSS Tarso = 6000 experience.

BOSS Paguro = 3000 experience.
map7 Wolf = 50 experience.
map7 Parrot Man = 80 experience.
map7 Fire Creature = 200 experience.
BOSS Dragon = 12000 experience.

map8 Slime Monster = 255 experience.
map8 Lobster = 255 experience.
map8 Blue Flying Creature = 255 experience.
map8 Flying Jellyfish = 255 experience.
BOSS Alguien = 30000 experience.
BOSS Jashiin = 10000 experience.
Crystal (21-11-2007)
Hi again! I've been doing some hacking and I thought I'd post the results here.

The game keeps track of your level and experience internally; you start at level 0, with 80 health (2 of 20 bars). Each pixel is 8 health, so when the bar is full, you have 800 health. This happens after sixteen level ups. For completeness' sake, the health values at levels zero through sixteen are: 80 120 160 240 280 320 380 460 540 600 640 680 720 760 780 800. Note that it doesn't just go up by the same amount every level!

The experience required for levels one through sixteen are: 50, 150, 300, 420, 1000, 1500, 3000, 5000, 6000, 8000, 10000, 15000, 20000, 40000, 50000, and 60000. Beyond that, every level costs 60000.

Note that the above experience numbers are per level, not the total you'll have gotten by that point! So by level sixteen, you'll have gotten a minimum of 220420 experience. This is because when you level up, it subtracts the amount above from your current exp.

So if you're level zero (haven't leveled up at all), you need 50 experience to level up. If you have 80 experience but only need 50, then after you level up, you'll have 30 experience left over.

There's a catch, though! It won't let you hold onto enough experience to level up again without killing anything. The next level after that is 150 experience. So, if you had 400 experience, then you leveled up, you'd expect to have 350 left, which is well beyond the 150 you'd need to level up again! But instead, it reduces it to 1 less than you need, so you end up with only 149, instead of 350. So beware of wasting experience!

Also, "You must persevere" means you're not 50% of the way there yet; "You must accumulate more experience" means at least 50%, but not 75% of the way there; and "I see the faint light of the spirits" means you're 75% of the way there.
Crystal (21-11-2007)
Actually, it wasn't Japanese -> Spanish -> English, so criticizing the translators for making it up is uncalled for. The translation is pretty authentic, with only a few errors, and a few small changes (e.g. naming the unnamed dark lord "jashiin")! If you'd like to see the original Japanese to compare, check this kouryaku page:

Note however that the game was made a bit easier in English. Money is made a little less tedious, too: the exchange rates are different in the original (4:1, 4:1, 6:1, 2:1, 1:1, 2:1, 1:4, 4:1, 6:1), the red-and-cyan almas give you 50, not 100 each, and the Asbestos Cape costs 5000.

♥ Zeliard!
crystal (18-11-2007)
Heh, I was reading some of the other posts and I too remembered the cavern and spell names sticking out like a sore thumb after I came back and played it again in recent years.

I've decided I might be able to give you a hand with the English translations. Well, at least apply a little logic to them so they might make more sense... Silly English Version game translators, going from Japanese to English to Spanish on most of these! ^_^

Muralla Town -> Wall
Malicia Cavern -> Malice (yay for cognates =P)

Satono Town -> Basement (I think this one's a typo in the game; should be "sotano")
--Peligro Cavern -> Danger

Bosque Village -> Forest
--Madera Cavern -> Wood (as in tree-bark kinda wood ^^)
--Riza Cavern -> Winding (I've got all sorts of weird feedback from online translators on this one, but the definition here kind of sums them up: a cavern with all sorts of twists and turns ^^)

Helada Town -> Icy or Frozen (they might've changed the "o" on the end to an "a" since "helado" also means "ice cream;" maybe it just sounded cooler, too xD)
--Glacial Cavern -> Glacier (also a typo I believe, the cavern should be called "Glaciar," or maybe they just thought it looked too much like the same thing... They shoulda kept that in mind for Malicia... o.o')
--Escarcha Cavern -> Frost (not the verb, but the noun, like it makes a difference... =P)

Tumba Town -> Tomb
--Corroer Cavern -> [to] Corrode (yay, Gelroid death ^^)
--Cementar Cavern -> [to] Glue (Gelroid's sticky, too? What a dastardly combination! x3)

Dorado Town -> Golden (yeah, that's an adjective xD)
--Tesoro Cavern -> Treasure (yay, goodies for everyone... =P)
--Plata Cavern -> Silver
--Arrugia Cavern -> ??? (wow, I REALLY couldn't find anything on this one, maybe they decided to try and make up a "translated" name for the secret area... xD)

Llama Town -> Echo ("llamar" means "to call or name," but I'm thinking meant more like a yell, like you'd hear in a lava tube... ...if you werent' on fire while standing there shouting like you would be in the game... o.o')
--Reaccion Cavern -> Reaction (but you guys knew that one... x3 ...and a lot of these other ones now that I've gone and typed all this out... o.o')
--Correr Cavern -> [to] Correr (even running won't save you from all those little blue demon dogs... xD)

Pureza Town -> Purity (yeah, I gotta go with you guys on this one, and the lack thereof as well x3)
Esco Town -> ??? (probably something they just threw in there 'cause they got tired of looking stuff up... xD)
--Absor Cavern -> [to] Absorb (perhaps the cavern itself immerses you in itself, since it's full of air currents that throw you about in all sorts of directions, getting you terribly lost... That's all I can think of, and they probably cut off the end of "absorber" 'cause that would just look dumb... xD)
--Milagro Cavern -> Miracle (again, it'd be a miracle if you can get out of this cavern xD)
--Desleal Cavern -> Unfair (by the time you're here, you're wondering if you'll ever finish the game... o.o')
--Falter Cavern -> [to] Lack (again with the typos, I believe the verb they're looking for is "faltar" which in short tells you "You can't DO this! You can't make it all the way to Jashiin, himself, can you?!" o.o')

Yeah, that's about it, so... Take care of this site! x3

Mizuryu (05-11-2007)
I absolutely love this game! First played it when I was about 10 or 11 years old and it took me several months to beat it... ^^'

If this site is still up and running and everything, I have a few save files I could submit if you like, accomplished entirely without the use of a Trainer and what-not. Of course they're probably just more like Achievements on X-Box Live or something, since the game is completed on most of them, but if you're interested, I can e-mail the files and descriptions or get them to you however you fancy.

Thanks so much for keeping this game alive, SavageDragon! ^_^

Mizuryu (05-11-2007)
Ur website rocks, walkthroughs are awesome, i played this game twice about 15 years ago and got stuck at the Inferno level!! Now I am still at the Gold caverns cuz i lost my old floppy and downloaded the game again!!
Ru (09-09-2007)
Great game ! Brings back some fond memories !
Florian Wohlerdt (02-09-2007)
wow nice!! i played this maybe 15 years ago when i was 8 or 9, gonna dl it again now
yanmin (26-08-2007)
I downloaded this game. can you tell me how to open it to play?
Carmel (18-08-2007)
fantastic game, I completed this game at least 15yr ago when my pc only have 3 colors! (white blue and red)

I remembered some parts and eg. I remember crossing the Ice level without getting the shoes. The walkthru was a great help because I would take ages to cross it now.
kien (12-07-2007)
I forgot: To anyone viewing this, our official Zeliard forum is located here:

Feel free to visit!
~ Jashiin
Zeliarder (07-07-2007)

Just thought I'd drop in and leave a comment. I updated the forums a bit, and I think they could use some new posts. How about driving me some traffic old buddy? ;)

If you use MSN feel free to add me, this is mine. Cheers!
Zeliarder (07-07-2007)
Sorry, forgot to mention: in your walkthrough, there are one or two instances (one I'm sure of, I think I saw another one in the earlier caves but I forgot where exactly...) where you put left instead of right. Namely, in Desleal, when you just arrive through the green door and lower the transport a bit and then have to make a long straight line. The image shows the transporter in the right place, and with only a path leading right, so it's fairly obvious, but still :-P

Oh, and because you asked us all to remind you of it: rewrite that one part of the walkthrough that isn't fancy and nice to read! ;-)
Bubble181 (25-06-2007)
Hey there,
First of all, thank you very much for keeping this site up! I first played this game back in '91, I only got to Vista back then. Still think he's the hardest boss....Anyway, my father played it too and never found the way past Esco (Falter is aptly named indeed). Now I've finally beaten it! Hurray!

As for the Honour shield/Light shield, I never had much of a problem with the Honour, I only bought a Titanium shield in Esco :-)

And as for the swing and jump thing, I didn't have the problem, but it might be your keyboard. Depend on the drivers, some keyboards will only register 2 keys at a time, while most are capable of three or four (special boards like the Zboard go up to 7, for ducking-crouching-zooming your weapon-leaning to the left-firing and saying hi to a teammember in modern games, but pffft to them!). You might try if you can do other two-button moves in Zeliard or other Dosbound games?

I had a different problem: under XP, I never got the sound to work right. My pc's perfectly capable of playing MP3s in the background, but still, I have fond memories of my computer beeping the Zeliard intro :-(

Lots of thanks for the great walkthrough and explanations and such from Belgium ^_^
Bubble181 (25-06-2007)
the game wont save it will save while i play but once i exit everything i do gets eraised and i got all the way to the ice caverns and got the snow shues and lost it all something to do with the win.RAR or something any idea how to fix
Walter Geisler (17-06-2007)
Hurray!!! I just finished the game and it feels terrific!! Im a 33 year old mum and if I can defeat the monsters here, a little bit of housework is not so bad (though it just doesn't have the same appeal as a hero- : mum defeating the evil dust mites behind daughters bed with vaccume cleaner)
Thanks for the site. I couldn't have made it otherwise!!

Michelle Hellemons (23-04-2007)
Hello, your the really hero of Zeliard! As i first played Zeliard i was 12 years old. That time i came till "INFERNO". I and my brother tried it one hole year to get further. We had no luck. That was 11 years ago. Today i finished the game. It was a roadblock in my life. Thanks for this great site!

Greatings from Germany
Andreas Müller (11-04-2007)
You Wrote :

I also found out that some words have Portuguese meanings. Here they are:

o Tumba: Tomb
o Seta: Arrow
o Fin: End

Fin mean end in French too, I'm from quebec so I should know... but they use it a lot in other languague's movie , if it means the same thing in portugese, well , here it is in french :P
guillaume (05-04-2007)
I've started playing this game back when I had an XT and all from a floppy disk. I got as far as the inferno and there I got stuck. Now, some 15 years later and with the help of this walkthrough I finally had the satisfaction of finishing this great game. Thanks a lot Wyrm :)
Spellweaver (27-02-2007)
Great game! I bought it 17 years ago and still haven't finished it. Only recently rediscovered... This site helps a lot! Thanks!
Lozapios muntor (25-02-2007)

This Address is Zeliard Play Movie.
DORKAS (05-02-2007)
Very useful site. What's most important - is walkthrough of final labirint of fiery cave, because i made a map several times, but always lost it. Thanks a lot for it. And what i found out just recently - it seems that the more you "level up" the more damage you do with any sword. I'm still not sure of it, but since i leveled - i began killing a certain monster with one slash instead of two. Sword was the same. Anyway, i first played zeliard when i was 7 - it was a very good game at that time. Now i'm 18, but i still enjoy this game a lot. It's BAD that the group, that was making it disappeared. I wanted to play Zeliard 2-7 :( But some people i heard are making Zeliard3d :)
Mokona (25-01-2007)
i'm princess felicia's sister, Felinda, and i wasn't turned into stone by Jashiin, but i was hoping my beloved sister to turn back into human by the bravery figths against the demons of Duke Garland.
i havent finished playing the game, but i hope that this incredible warrior can (and i know he will) defeat Jashiin and bring my sister back to life.
i like to think of me as another princess...
i got to know this game from the hands of my father in 1994, and then i discovered that it's the greatest game ever, even more than this new games that everybody playes, like age of empires or so...
in this game rests the soul of my father, i play it in his name, because he showed to me and now he died, so let me tell you that it's a great deal to play it on behalf of him.
thans for this website, i think it's great, and i want to make a calling to all the chileans around the world that play this game, so we can chat and discuss about it, VIVA CHILE Y VIVA ZELIARD!
Andy h (23-12-2006)
Great site, I played Zeliard in my teen years and got stuck in fruitgarden level. Now I've downloaded and replayed with a little help from the walkhroughs.
Question for author: Did you draw the maps of the caverns yourself?

Greetings from Holland
gc (04-12-2006)
I actually managed to get through the Ice Caverns without the anti-slip shoes... I looked on here, got them, and was shocked at how friggin easy the rest of those caverns were!

Thanks. I like this site.
AJ (25-11-2006)
Cool web., but, "fin" in spanish it means "end" too.
The other words I don´t know. I'm from Argentina, if you want moore translations, sendme an email.
PS: I like to program in c++,visual basic, lingo and flash, so I would like to do a remake of this game, please sendme an email if you like to program games, i've just finished 2 games, but I think that working with cool guys we can do an amazing game, i dont have too much experience, but allways I fight with that..
marcelo (31-10-2006)
Nice site. Thank you!
mlm (29-08-2006)
un juegazo realmente! La primeva vez k lo jugue fue en 1994 luego perdi la pista de este gran juego pero sirmpre lo recordaba, gracias al creador de esta pagina!ahora puedo jugarlo nuevamente:D
Lobo (26-08-2006)
There is a little treasure hunt in the Gold Caverns that has not been mentioned in the walkthrus. If you need Gold (500 Gold to be exact), its there for the taking right near the 3 slabs that you have position properly as a staircase. When you come to these slabs, go left and you will see the chest of gold. But be careful, for Femme Fatale, ala Kissing Woman will be lying wait for you. If you find killing her difficult, just run away, she won't follow you.
Narain (31-05-2006)
Thank you for your walkthroughs which helped me finish the game. I first played it over 14 years ago but got completely stuck on the 8th level (could never find Enzo). Downloaded it a week ago and have now finished with lots of visits to this site.

My only question now is Where does Duke Garland go now? Is there a sequel?
kate (01-05-2006)
Great site! I played this way back when it first came out on my Tandy. Although the sound isn't as good as it was back then, the game is still awesome. Thanks a lot for putting together all these walkthroughs; I couldn't get past the gold caverns without them!
Brad (27-04-2006)

First off, it is great to see such a wonderful tribute to one of the better-designed adventure games out there.

A few things I would like to comment about, if you don't mind:

#1: The Training Sword is NOT the most useless sword in the game. I used my training sword right up to the Caverns of Corroer/Cementar, and I was doing just as much or possibly more damage than I would have been with the Spirit Sword. For some reason, after defeating a boss (or maybe it was the next level up by the sage... it was usually around the time I would travel to the next cave), the damage potential on the sword would increase by 1 point. When I got to the 2nd level, my training sword was doing as much damage as the Wise Man's Sword. By the 3rd level, it was in-between the Wise Man and the Spirit Sword, and by the 4th level, it was on par with the Spirit Sword. I only upgraded to the Knight's Sword in order to combat with Vista. However, this leaves the potential for never having to spend any money on a weapon through the game if you can manage to beat the 6th and 7th levels with only the Knight Sword.

#2: I was going to mention this, but someone did beat me to it. The Titanium and Light Shield are in a class of their own, above everything from Honor Shield and down. For a good example involving the first chance to buy the shield, go outside into the caves. The nearest creature will typically do about 5 damage per hit to your shield. Equip the Light Shield and go outside. Suddenly, they are only doing 2 damage per hit. Therefore, the Light Shield is a useful upgrade to help your survive the 6th level and Tarso (albeit not a long one, since it would be smart to upgrade to Titanium Shield ASAP.)

#3: An alternative strategy to taking out the monsters where you must strike at the head does not involve jumping. Instead, crouch down, and face away from the enemy while swinging your sword. You will normally avoid any projectiles the monster flings at you, and the back end of the sword should swing high enough to hit the enemy. Such a move is even possible with the training sword, but is more effective against one you can take out in two hits or less.

I think that covers it for now. Maybe I'll have more to talk about some other time. Thank you.

Adam Goode (09-04-2006)
Does anyone have any info. on whether Zeliard Part 2 is coming out? A great game like this should have a sequel and it will also enable any gamers who didn't know about Part 1 to check it out.
Narain (06-03-2006)
A perfect site for Zeliard fans.

hadrian (02-02-2006)
A perfect site for Zeliard fans.

hadrian (02-02-2006)
Its about your walkthrough for finding the keys in level 7.. The burning inferno.. There is a much easier way to find the third key : At the place where you jump to let an air current transport you, just avoid d current and go thro the door to the right.. i.e. At point 22 in your walkthrough go thro the door to ur right.. This will take you quickly to the 3rd key..
Gowtham (31-01-2006)
Nice job this website.
I'm also looking for the music that the internal speaker plays.
armenian (28-01-2006)
I am having alot of trouble getting to the boots in the gold cavern....jump under the cross of blocks,,,,I am too big and I am always stopped.
I will keep trying....
dale (10-01-2006)
is it possible to get the music that is playing from the PC-speaker? I tried to find a program in order to record it but didn't succeed

seems to be a perfect ringtone :)

привет буржуям из России
andrew (05-01-2006)
here are some corrections (Spanish to English)
llama = flame
pulpo = octopus (not squid)
fin = end
vista = see
saeta = arrow
*There's no Portuguese words; some spanish words have 2 or more meanings
aaa (02-12-2005)
( From Malaysia , Ipoh..Perak)

I played this game in 1990..Now im already 49 years old. That time when i played this game..i have to take 9 months to finish the game.. there were no clue at all...This game is so beauttiful...When recently i down loaded this took me only 1 week to finish...I think the toughest place is at correra ( Cavern of Burning Inferno) u can never find the door to the boss.. if u don't have clue and tips...Great site...TQ.
Wan Idris (06-11-2005)
Hi everybody, you got a nice zeliard site here & very usefull content. Keep up!

visit zeliard 3d remake project (currently under development) at
kaio (26-08-2005)
Hi... great page for a great game, though I could never finish it... I have restarted it like five times and I always got stuck in LLAMA town. By the way, I would like to tell you that LLAMA means FLAME (it does perfect sense), TUMBA also means GRAVEYARD or TOMB, FIN is also THE END.

Well, I'll try finish it this time, no matter this time with external help. Thanks.
alejandro (23-07-2005)
Thanks for remembering this great game, was my first pc :), is nostalgic to see it on the website and more nostalgic to remember those ega graphics of my beloved felishka.

Thank you.
Paladin (10-07-2005)
Thanks.I will give it a shot.
Narain (05-07-2005)
Thanks.I will give it a shot.
Narain (05-07-2005)
@narain : you should the ancient land of ys series, it's as fun and exciting as zeliard
HAROLD (04-07-2005)
greetings from the netherlands

i played this game like 10 years ago (jeez i'm feeling really old now).
i got stuck in the end,so i never finished it.

i am gonna download it and this time i will finish it!!!
harold (04-07-2005)
Nice website man, amazing !!!, I played this game in 1994 and now I play again, you're site is great!!!
Kevin (26-06-2005)
Great walkthrough, My file was better though. I used 16 aguas to kill the dragon....Without any recovery items ^_^ Also I had 8 Million gold, I played when I was 8...about 10 years ago now. It would be good if they ported the game onto a better system.
Sorry for such a short post, your site automatically refreshed itself :@ and I am not going to re-write 300 words...
Kristian (24-06-2005)
Woot-hizzle! I was cleaning out some old boxes in my garage and found a whole butt-load of old Sierra floppy disks! I got the originals, baby! Can't wait to play again and get past that darned first boss...*whimper*
NightScrawler (22-06-2005)
Hi,just to add to my earlier comments,I have beaten Jashiin...finally!!!That Cavern of Falter was named appropriately,I faltered and slipped and tumbled many times before I finally crossed it.Sheesh,what a lame ending,now the spirits want Duke to go on another mission,I mean,give the poor guy a break...I expected him to marry the princess.

btw,are there any more games as fun and exciting as Zeliard?I would like to play more adventure games like this.
Narain (15-06-2005)
Excellent site!! I used to have the game zeliard when I was 10 years old but I don't remember getting farther than Madera and Riza.Now I have downloaded it from your site and referred to the walkthroughs for help.It has gotten me to the Graveyard Level,so far.
Narain (22-05-2005)
llama has to meanings:
1. Call (verb)
2. Fire (this is the real meaning)
Giacomo (15-04-2005)
Pls.,I would like some help on this game.I am new to this game.I have reached the cave of peligro.But If I lose my life in this cave,I have begin all over again from Moralla.I have to cross the cave of melicia once again before returning to where I was previously.I just want to know if there is any way to save my game,so that if I lose a life in Peligro, I can begin from Satono,instead of beginning all over again..I tried using that 'record experience' option at sage yasmin's hut in Satono, but it doesn't work.Can the game be saved? And if you can use that 'record experience' in sage yasmin's hut,what must I press to ensure that I can save it?
Sliver C (15-04-2005)
Thanks for the help. I got stuck on Felta/Falter a long time ago, and finally picked it up again, some 15 years later. It turns out I missed one of the transports.

I really like the added info and the translations!
Brian (10-04-2005)
Oh yeah, Fin also means "End" in Spanish (but it means "Goal" too).
Me again (21-03-2005)
Some more spanish:
Llama also means name
Caliente is not a verb, it simply means "hot" or "heated".

Good luck with your site!
why only caps? (also Dutch) (21-03-2005)
This homepage is amazing!!! I haven't seen so many information about our beutiful game nowhere else! I will recommend this page to all my friends and I'm sure, they will like it also!

Thank You for this super work!
Damir (18-03-2005)
Great work.
nikita (17-01-2005)
hey... great site ... hey by the way i am peruvian and i speak spanish... in translations i saw: 'Llama = Call' ... ... ... thats ok, but doesnt make much sense... the word Llama means call and also Flame ... you should include it.. it makes much more sense... (llama is also an animal :P:P:P)

the maps are great... i remember that when i played this game for first time (about 4 or 5 years ago) i stucked when i was trying to find the hero's crest... i never found it... :S:S:S:S...
max (03-01-2005)
Great work! Thanks for some advises. I freeze something like on 7th level - try to beat game this time.

BTW: Fix the llink in download section on FERUZA.ZIP
MArch HaRe (23-12-2004)
Hello everyone, this is the author of this site. It's nice to see the message board filling up with interesting comments from new people.

Here are a few things I'd like to say to answer some questions. I should probably post this on a separate page on the site, but I'm too lazy to do that right now, perhaps later. Anyway, I think people visit this page more than the others.

First off, I don't remember when I first played this game, but I was probably less than 10 years old at the time, and like some of the visitors to this site, I didn't know nothing about maps existing for the game. Repeated play, trial and error, and perseverence got me through the end. I distinctly remember being stuck in two places in the game for a very long time: the first one was finding the Hero's Crest, and the other one being the torturous time spent in Correr cave. Ofcourse, getting the Hero's Crest isn't all that difficult, but I guess I was too stupid to realize that level 3 was actually supposed to be trees and leaftops. Everytime I encountered 'It is the biggest tree', I kept saying to myself: "what the heck does that mean?" So being small at the time, I also made up silly names for the enemies, which have stuck in my head far too long and I eventually ended up using them in the Enemies section. I really need to contact Doni Weiner and get a copy of his Monstrous Manual. Anyway, my point is that most of the names I've used on this site are 'childish', and now you all know the reason for it.

After I made this website, I've discovered several new features, or had a better understanding of some material but which I was too lazy to add or to correct on the site. I'll attempt to explain some here, as well as answer some guest questions:

Philip asks
"I seem to remember that right before the last boss there's a door that needs unlocking. When I played it b4 I couldn't find any additional keys to open it with, so I was wondering If you knew where I went wrong."
As far as I know, that door is just the one that you came through, only that it gets locked behind you so that you can't go back.

A lot of people have made comments about 'Fin' and other words in the game. That's why I added a new Translations section to the website. However, Shvegait has recently pointed out in his informative emails that I'm still missing several important pieces. I'll post up Shvegait's material on the Translations page some time in the future.

Also several sources have indicated that most of the strange words are a result of some sort of Japeneese/Spanish/English cross-over, which is kind of weird. I understand that the game was originally Japanese (Princess Felicia is a typical Japense cartoon female), and then crossed over to English. So like, where the hell did the Spanish come from?

In response to Joseph McPhail, I think most of us here can beat the game at a speed faster than 6 :) As I mentioned earlier, I too first played the game without maps. It was only a decade later when I was searching for the game again online that I realized maps existed. Timing people is a great idea, but I'm not sure what would be a legitimate way to record their times.

nic made some comments about errors in the walkthrough, but as far as I can tell, he isn't talking about my walkthrough! The part he's quoted doesn't exist on my walkthough.

I've also made some incorrect comments about the Light Shield. It was only after I posted my thoughts on this webpage that I actually tried to finish the Gold Level with the Honour Shield. That damn thing kept on breaking!! Although the Light Shield shows the same tolerance points as the Honour Shield, it is about twice as durable. Again, Shvegait reminded me of this fact (along with a useful technical reason for it). I really ought to update this site!

I guess that's all I can think up of at the moment. Oh yeah, one more thing. Ever since I've installed Windows XP and run Zeliard, I can't seem to jump and swing my sword at the same time. This makes taking out some of the bosses almost impossible. Using DosBox doesn't solve the problem either. Does anyone else have this problem or know a fix for it? What operating system do you people play Zeliard on?

Ok, that's all for now. Watch out for updates some time in the future. Happy Zeliarding!

PS: If you people can think up of some new ideas/attractions/additions for this site, then don't be afraid to mention them!
18 Dec 2004
I think you did the math wrong :P

Now you're 18, you beat it 11 years ago, when you were 10? It doesn't make much sense...
Shvegait (15-12-2004)
Hey man, thanks for lettin' me download the game. I played it way back in the day when I was ten, beat it, and lost the disket, so it's nice to be able to play again. I don't know if you've discussed it in your site or not, but I seem to remember that right before the last boss there's a door that needs unlocking. When I played it b4 I couldn't find any additional keys to open it with, so I was wondering If you knew where I went wrong (I did beat the game though, when I was younger, without any help, so it's kinda wierd to ask for help).

In reference to the "Fin" in the ending, it means "the end" in SPANISH. If you CHECK the cames of most of the places and persons/bosses etc, you will find that they are spanish, including "ALMAS" :) (I'm getting either a major or minor in Spanish by the way).

Zeliard ROCKS, I'm so glad that there are actually people out there who have heard about it, it's been my favorite game since '93 (I'm only 18 now, do the math, I beat it back then)
PHilIp "hombredon" B. (15-12-2004)
Very very good walkthrough! There are a few errors in a couple places (I sent you an e-mail about them), but overall this is excellent! Of course I looked at this after I just beat the game two days ago, but it's cool to see that people still care about this old (but great) game :D
Shvegait (13-12-2004)
Thankyou so much for doing what I never had time to do. Without any maps or even a manual I managed to finish the game the first time in about 2,000 hours. The second time I beat it in a week and this weekend I made it to the fire level in six hours. The first time I ever played I spent so much time just screwing around that I ended up memorizing most of the caverns and now its like I could beat the entire game on speed six if I wanted to. I guess I just wanted to know if there are any records of fastest beat times for zeliard without maps because I think I maght set a few.
Joseph McPhail (13-12-2004)
Timmay (11-12-2004)
Great Zeliard page! A while back it was one of my favorite games. I got right to the end, but never finished level 8. With your hints and maps, I will probably be able to finish the game.
Today I still play very old computer games, like Civilization and Master of Magic. Today's games really suck compared to the old classics.

from Ottawa, Canada
S. Legault (02-12-2004)
I love zeliard. It remind me when I was in ITM Shah Alam (studying) after transfer from ITM Pahang in Kuantan (1994). It is quite a nostalgic. The author of this page is very kind. Thank a lot. I was also
playing x-wing/Tie-Fighter and Doom at that time.
and.. long-live taliban..!
Hakim (27-10-2004)
Hi guys

I was using the walkthrough and found that it did not help much. In getting the Silkharn shoes, the walkthrough was dead wrong. From the distant past I seem to remember though, that some items could appear in one of two places, so I am adding the following text to update the walk through. The bit in single quotes is the original. The bit in double quotes is my additions:

'The first thing you'll want to do is find the Silkarn Shoes. These will allow
you to climb the slopes. Go down the rope to you right and then go left and
down the ropes. Keep going down until you are on top of the ledge that is
extremely long and looks like gold. Wait for the moving platform to come and
get on it. Ride it until you come to the second thick rope. Climb the rope all
the way to the top. Go left and get on the moving platform. Climb the ropes and
go right. Here you will see another moving platform. Do not get on it. Drop
down and go through the door. This will take you into Plata.'

Wrong from here: 'Climb the rope to your left and continue going left.'

"Go left to the platform. Get on the platform and chop out the walls to reach
the other side. Go left until you come to the blue door. Go through to Tesoro.
Go up the rope to the right. Go left to the rope and chop out the block below
the cross. Jump into the crevice and jump left to get to the red door to get to
Plata (mind the falling block). Go up the platform to get the Silkarn shoes. "

I'll add any more bits if I find them.

nic (12-10-2004)
het is een gaaf spel het is in mijn klas, we zijn in Llama town. renske girl the netherlands
renske talsma (11-09-2004)
Great site, I remember playing this game 11 years ago when I was 10 and I never got past the fire world back then. Thanks to your site I can finally get that damned princess restored :)

Jeroen (The Netherlands)
Jeroen (08-08-2004)
This was always one of my favourite games, but I could never get past Correr Cave to reach the Dragon, The map with the correct route marked on will be very useful.
james biondich (14-07-2004)
I use to have Zeliard 4 years ago on a disk and was playing it. I accidently deleted the main portion of the game. I was frustrated for a while. Then I thought one day to look for it in the web. When I found it, I sat down and started playing it right away. I soon got to the 5th cavern and got stuck. I started looking for a walkthrough and found one on this sight. I finally was able to beat the game thanks to this website. This website is GREAT!!! FIN
tHomas (25-06-2004)
I have this book called the Monstrous Manual and the thing that you called a "flying jellyfish" is really a hovering brain with tentacles and a beak. The book calls it a Grell.
Doni Weiner (11-06-2004)
Thank you. I just finished downloading your zip files and will be installing the game on my PC. I first stumbled across Zeliard in 1996 and lost it about three years ago. This made my son (9 years old) very despondent and frustrated. He will be happy to know that I found it again.
Donald burgess (16-05-2004)
I finished the game in ten weeks but I had trouble with your Caverns of Gold, your Burning Inferno and your Fruit Gardens walkthroughs so I printed off some maps to find out where to go!!!
Riddels (11-04-2004)
Thank you very much for making Zeliard available for me again! I played the game when I was 12 years old (now 23), never finished it though... I'm a very happy girl!!!

greetings from Sanna (Netherlands)
S.P. (04-04-2004)
Cool Website !!! I think, it is even the best website about zeliard in the world !
It is very interesting what you have written about zeliard and especially what you have found out about the names.
It is a pity that i dont have much time to play zeliard again... but it is definiately one of the best games i have ever played (one of the first ones i have played actually).
Go on like this !
Zeliard Fan
Zeliard Fan (01-04-2004)
Zeliard 4 Life! This was my favorite game when i was a kid! I found the old 3.5 and chucked it in the A drive a few days ago! It still is the maddest! I got old saved games but decided to start from the start... im havin trouble with the cyclopse cow guy.. hehehe... i know i beat him at least 10 years ago! Anyway this is an awesome site. The best retro game site on the net!

when is part 2 coming out?! :P
Shane Prestigio (24-02-2004)
Thanks !!!!
Finally found jashiin and killed him.
You should have seen the look on his face :-)

your walkthrough was absolutely great .
Paul-Jan (20-02-2004)
Seem when I looked for Zeliard webpages I always find yours! For good reasons too, it's the best Zeliard website I ever!

Need a gold? Here's my little trick, but it does take time:

Gain Lanzar and go to the left exit of Tumba (you'll end up in Corroer I think). Go all the way to the left, kill all zombies. Make sure that a red slime follows you. Now, there should be a ledge you need to jump and a very large pool of blue acid at the left.

From the ledge, face right and attack the red slime with your sword. They can't attack you 'cause the ledge protect you. Do this until they multiply endlessly and have no more space to move. Shoot a Lanzar to kill them all and collect all the almas. Repeat until you ran out of Lanzar. If you need a red slime exit through a door and return.

Note: Sometimes I change speed to 7 'cause the Red Slime don't spawn fast enough for me :-)

Return to town and exchange all the almas. I go to Bosque since the payoff is better, but you have to go through that annoying Ice cave again.

Be seeing you.
Anti-Fllay Allster (02-01-2004)
Great fully Zeliard site. I may saw this site with 1 page about 2 years ago with a download file.

Impress of Zeliard on me is about 10 years.

Play on Herculis graphics, Green Monitor,
Intel 8088 CPU with 640MB
and My friend in a group of deep playing this game until it Fin.

Thanks for Rebirth my memories.
Hibaa (09-10-2003)
Did the creators of zeliard ever make a zeliard 2, i think it might have been in japanese. So if avy of you know any japanese people out there could you ask them to look?
g_puller (06-08-2003)
We have a temporary forum provided by one of my friends at his site. Until SvG gets a forum and puts it on the site we will hang out there. SvG, DL the forum from the link on the bottom of the page (the forum page). is the link of the forum.
Zeliarder (01-07-2003)
Hi SvGDrGn, nice too see your site's back again. I had a reason for putting you as a moderator, I knew I could count on you. I wanted to say hi to all Zeliard fans and invite them all to the group:
Now, some advice for your guides, dude.
Agar: If you have the Magia stone he can't come close to you if he jumps. He will retreat while he's in the air, without contact. Consider this, tried it.
Vista: Beatable without the Knight's sword. Made it in many ways. This is a ZHT anyway... You might want to add the stuff here, I'll send you a .Doc of the idea. BTW, the FAQ is coming this summer!!
Dragon: You little trick with the potion won't work that way. It restores youre entire life bar, but this, being that the "Parrot man" killed most of it, only a bit more than full health as it is. Try it again, go boldly attack Dragon and he'll fry you :).
Jashiin: He's worth some Almas, my memory fails me as it's been awhile since I played, but I believe something like 3500 Almas.
That was all from the infinite wisdom of the Ol` Wise Zeliarder, as you already have wrote a great guide with minimal errors. Only spelliing lacks.
And I will copy some of your material into the FAQ, if that's ok with you that is.
Have fun, Zeliarders! Don't forget to visit the group!!
Zeliarder (26-06-2003)
LUIS MORAL(PANCHO) (24-06-2003)
Heh!!! Good, very good, excellent!!!!
Alex (23-06-2003)
Hi man, very good job! We will stay on touch... You & !!!
Mike Gorohov (21-06-2003)
So soon as possible I have an DUTCH - site for you going about ZELIARD!!
Remco bekkema (21-06-2003)

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