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About the Game

About the game:

Original Box Cover by Game Arts
'Zeliard' was originally realeased in 1987 by Japanese game company Game Arts. It was brought to Europe and the North American market with an English version by Sierra in 1990. It's an action/ role playing platform game. Although the graphics aren't excellent, but the game play is. You have to use different strategies to finish off the game, plus you'll need money to upgrade your weapons and armour and buy some magical items as well. The Story is interesting with lots of minor plots which make it more exciting. Even though the game is pretty old, people still love it. Some haven't been able to finish it off as yet, so I have created Walkthroughs for them. That just goes to prove how tricky the game play is. You've just simply gotta download this game!

Sierra Box Cover Set

You can find lots more information about the gameplay in these Abandonia and Wikipedia articles. ExcaliburBrothers has also done a witty video review of the game too:

On modern systems you will first need to install DOSBox before you can play Zeliard. After you have DOSBox installed, extract the contents of the zeliard download to C:\Games\Zeliard using some program like 7-Zip (These instructions are Windows specific, but you can do it similarly on other operating systems too). Then open DOSBox and type in the following commands:
mount C C:\Games\Zeliard

You can also try running it using D-Fend Reloaded as suggested by gamer Gaspard

For any other installation issues, such as getting sound to work properly, please consult this SierraHelp.com page

Official Manual
Images obtained from this Korean blog

Controls for the game:
You can move with the arrow keys.
To walk into buildings, press up. When in the caverns, up is used for jumping and down for crouching.
Space bar is used to talk to people or carry out actions in towns.
'Enter' shows inventory screen. In inventory screen select by arrow keys. Magical items can be used by selecting them and then pressing 'Space Bar'. Press Enter again to get out of Inventory Screen.
Use Alt to fire magical spells which the Sage teaches you. You can choose which spell to fire from the inventory. When in town buildings, use Alt to quickly get out of that building.
When in caverns, 'Space bar' is used to swing sword. If you are falling down and press the down arrow key and the space bar together, then you will thrust your sword downward at any enemy underneath you. This is a very powerful stroke and always takes out any enemy underneath you, even if it would normally take two strokes of that sword to kill that enemy. To swing sword over your head and infront of you, then press Up+Space Bar. If an enemy is falling from top then you will automatically use this strokes to hit him when you press spacebar. There is no need to press up in that situation. If you want to do this stroke while standing (that is not jumping) then press Down+Up+Spacebar.
F7 is used for loading a saved game or for Restarting.
To save the game, you need to visit the local Sage and 'Record your Experience'.
F9 is used to set game speed (5 is normal).
F1 toggles music.
F2 toggles Sound effects.
Esc pauses the game.
Press Ctrl+Q to exit anytime.


About me:
I started playing Zeliard when it first came out and finsihed it back then. One day, some ten years after, I had an urge to play the game again. It was hard to find on the internet, but I got it finally and finished it yet once again. I found out that people were still stuck on the game. So I created a walkthrough for the last level. This walkthrough gained popularity and I decided to make more walkthroughs. Eventually, I thought of making an entire site dedicated to Zeliard, so it is easier for people to download it, finish it and talk about it. Enjoy the game.

Most images used on this website are owned by Sierra. So is the game. Therefore, if anyone's got a problem, then tell me. Since Sierra is no longer selling the game, therefore I fell free to supply it for free on the internet. The zeliard midi files available on the download page have been downloaded from www.queststudios.com. The main map file has been downloaded from www.zeliard.tk and subsequent copies of maps for each cavern have been made by me from that file. If I am doing some infrigement / copyright violation / or whatever, then tell me. (As you can see, I'm no good at writing this sort of stuff).