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Fun With Bugs

The Enchantment Sword:

Yes, the most legendary, most famous and most powerful sword of all time. Nothing can withstand the power of this baby, not even the indestructible red-slime monster and not even Jashiin himself. But what is the real worth of this sword? Take it to the Weapon's Master and sell it to him. He will just offer you 2 measly gold for it!!!!! Can you believe that. Such a powerful sword and he expects me to sell it for just 2 gold???? Anyway, if you do sell it and try to buy it again, you'll find out that the Weapon's Master is selling it for 4 gold!!!! For a Weapon's Master, he sure is lowsy at apprising the worth of a masterpiece.

That Double-Crossing Cashier:

Never ever trust that guy with your money, and if you do, then never EVER mock him. Well, as it goes, when I was naive, I used to get pissed off, when he kept on saying that next time make a bigger deposit, and I also used to get pissed off at his diabolical smile when I deposited a whole lot o' cash. And I REALLY used to get pissed off, when I would withdraw all my cash and he would say that my account is empty. So one day, to keep my account from being empty, and to keep the cashier happy, I withdrew all money from my account except for one gold. And guess what the cashier did (try it out for yourself). He doesn't give me a single dime, but embezzles all the cash that I wanted to withdraw, and keeps the one gold in my account. That *beep* cashier!!!

Tips and Tricks

Temporary Invulnerability

In this video I demonstrate how you can use the healing effects of the Blue Potion to become temporarily invincible while taking out the Dragon. First take some damage so that your health is near zero. Then drink the blue potion, but don't let it fully restore you. Instead go in and fight the Dragon. Every time your health goes down to zero, the potion keeps restoring your life. However, the potion won't last forever, so you need to finish the job fast. I used a Magia Stone and Sabre Oil to increase my damage powers.

Skipping the first cavern

Gamer edh1017 has found a trick to completely bypass the first boss as well as most of the first cavern. This also gives you the option to go to the next level with an extra key.

Finish the Burning Inferno level without opening all the doors

Gamer Nikita has found a trick that lets you save one key in the Burning Inferno level. Blue dogs can pass you through the invisible walls in the cavern of Correr, so you don't have to unlock doors with numbers 9 and 23 in the walkthrough.