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Zeliard: Download the game

The evil Jashiin has awaken after his 2000 year sleep and once again plunged the world into 'the Age of Darkness' and turned the beautiful Princess Felicia into stone. Now it is up to you to get back the 9 Crystals of Esmesenti and destroy Jashiin, forever. You must travel from town to town upgrading your weapons and money while fighting with Jashiin's underlings in his labyrinths by the guidance of the spirits from the holy land of Zeliard.

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556 Kb
Zeliard: The Wallpaper

It's a Zeliard wallpaper! Wow! What else can I say.

Download it
422 Kb
Zeliard Trainer

The author of this program likes to call it a 'Zeliard Trainer', but it's more like a cheat program. You can gain invincibility, unlimited protection to shields, unlimited magic ammunition, all keys, etc. Sorta puts you in 'God Mode'. DO NOT USE THIS if you haven't finished Zeliard. The game doesn't need a tutorial, it is pretty self-explanatory. If you use it before you finish the game, you won't be able to understand the story and neither understand what happened, and might just screw up your Zeliard experience by going somewhere before you were actually supposed to be there. However, AFTER you've finished the game I recommend you to download it because with it you can mess with the program. For instance, you can skip the entire Fire Level and kill Jashiin with only 7 crystals! You can also get all the powerful weapons in the first level and then finish the full game in one go. It's interesting to see bosses like Cranjero and Pulpo to be vanquished by just one blow of the Enchantment sword. You can also enter the realm of the Dragon in reverse order, i.e. you are on the back side of the Dragon. Be sure to switch on invulnerability before attempting this one.

Download it
2 Kb
Zeliard: Soundtrack

A collection of all the Zeliard music themes compiled into midi files.
You can find updated versions of these files in OGG format from QuestStudios site, where these older MIDI versions were downloaded from. You can also play the music directly from your browser (at least in modern browsers) from QuestStudio's website.

Download it
135 Kb
Zeliard High-Quality Walkthrough Maps courtesy of AABDA & LUIS MORAL from Peru

High-Quality bitmap files for maps of all caverns in a single zip file. These maps will tell you where the enemy is, where the keys are, where the currents and invisible walls are, and everything else you need to know to finish the game. These same maps for individual levels can be downloaded from the Maps part of this website.

Download it
332 Kb
Zeliard Maps

A single image file which contains all the maps for the game. Individual maps for each caverns for each level can be found in the Maps part of this website.

Download it
536 Kb

The following are all 'save game files'. To use the file, download it and extract the .usr file to your Zeliard game directory and run the game. Hit F7 once the game starts, press 'Y' for yes, and then enter the name of the file. e.g. if you download the file RED, then you will downloading Red.zip. Extract the contents of that file (Red.usr) to your Zeliard game directory. Run the game, hit F7 and type in 'RED'. It should be noted that all these are non-cheat save game files, i.e. I have gotten to all these positions or circumstances without cheating/using Zeltrain.
All save game files are 1Kb.

You have everything you needed from the first level and are ready to go and take out Cangrejo (the crab boss). It is interesting to note that your life in this save game is quite a lot more than that of Cangrejo's. Actually the first 9 save games files here all have extremely good life strengths. These games are from the first time I played Zeliard, and I didn't know the directions, so it took me quite some time to figure them out and the long time caused me to gain the extra life strengths from the sages.
Download it
You have everything you needed from the second level and are ready to take out Pulpo. Your health is still more than that of Pulpo's.
Download it
All ready to take out Pollo (Your health is no longer greater than Pollo's). It should also be noted that these first 9 save game files also have the best weapon and armour which that specific level offers. Basically these are the idealic save games for the end of each level (or for the beginning of the next level).
Download it
All ready to go to the Graveyard Level
Download it
All ready to take out Vista with the Knight's Sword
Download it
You have the very expensive Illumination sword, and the Light Shield as well. What is most interesting is that your health is exactly the same as that of Tarso's (the level boss)!!!!
Download it
All ready to take on the almighty Dragon.
Download it
You have 6 Guerra and are on your way to find Esco. You have Enchantment Sword and Feruza Shoes.
Download it
This game is saved in the town of Pureza itself, but Esco has been discovered and you have everything you need to take out Jashiin. This ends my line of 9 perfect savegames.
Download it
You have just defeated Tarso and entered Llama town. You have to take out Paguro in the hut. You have Agua to take him out. Haven't even bought cape as yet.
Download it
You have just defeated Dragon and entered the town of Pureza. Haven't found Enchantment Sword or Feruza shoes.
Download it
When you give the Weapons Master the elf crest and take the Knight's sword, he doesn't give you a trade-in for the sword that you are carrying. Therefore, I bought this training sword from him (so that I get good value for my old sword), then retrieved the Elf crest with this sword and came back to town to make the exchange. This is just a fun save-game. If you download it, then the first thing you ought to do is visit the Weapons Master.
Download it
Defeated Tarso (6th level boss) with only Knight's sword and Honor Shield. Tarso's a real sucker! You gotta download this game to believe it. Man, the Illumination is almost half-price in this level than in the last one. Saved a fortune not killing Tarso with the Illumination.
Download it
You have the maximum number of Almas that you can possibly carry (65535).
Download it
You're filthy rich and are carrying 639,196 gold. All earned by hard work.
Download it
You have all the best equipment you can get throughout the game, and you have 8 crystals and you're in Muralla Town. Your mission: Get up to Pureza and ask Sage to 'See Power'. Your Guerra will increase from 20 to 22. Then go onto Jashiin and take his crystal. It's interesting to see how many short-cuts are possible once you have all the shoes with you.
Note: it's possible to get to a place like this by defeating Alguien and taking his crystal and then either dying at the hands of Jashiin or using a Kioku feather to go back to Muralla. You can repeat this as many times as you want (You'll have to beat Alguien everytime before you want to meet Jashiin, and he will give you his almas everytime, but you get his crystal only once.) The sage will keep increasing your power everytime you do this and come back to her (well, almost everytime. I guess there is a limit to her abilities, although I haven't reached it yet. Check out the Game Internals section to find out specifics of how this is posssible)
Download it
Well, let's see. We have an Enchantment Sword, Titanium Shield, Pirika Shoes and lots of Guerra and we're in Tumba. I think it's time to teach those "indestructible red slime monsters" how to destruct. Heh, heh, heh.... there's nothing like a game hunt.
Download it