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Here's a list of people which you meet during your travels and who also help you out in one way or another.

King Felishika:

This old man is useless. He can only grieve and weep. The only good this guy is to you, is that he gives you 1000 gold in the start of the game. Otherwise he's useless, always crying over his daughter's loss. I think he ought to get up and do something about it.

The Weapon's Master:

Ah, yes. The Weapon's Master. This is most probably the most useful guy in the whole game. He provides you with swords and armour, without which you wouldn't survive long in the caverns.
Be careful though. He ain't no friendly guy. He loses his temper quickly. The only time he's gullable is when you've got the Glory Crest, which he is dying for. He he :). Otherwise, never leave his shop without carrying out any business, otherwise he'll smash up his table!

The Pope:

Yes, the pope. This guy is only found in two towns. Muralla (1st town) and Esco (last town). This guy is really kind. He'll heal you as well as restore your magical powers for free. A really kind fellow.

Magic Brewer

This lady is good at brewing up useful potions which help you when fighting minions in the caverns.

The Banker

This stubborn old man is tired with life. Whenever you enter the bank, he's busy doing some stupid accounting and just look at the expression on his face when he's talking with you. This guys good for safe-keeping your money and you can withdraw it any time you want. He will also provide you with money in exchange for almas, which are otherwise useless to you.
This obstinate old man is only joyous when you deposit 1000 or more gold. He gets pissed off if you visit him without any business on your mind.

The Sage

This is one friendly lady. Because of her you will not die in the game. You will always return to her when the minions in the caverns finish off your life. She is one with the Spirits. She usually has some useful information to give you. She will also grant you with magical powers which enable you to hit enemies from a distance. She will also increase your life as you gain more experience. Also, she will Record your Experiences in mid game, i.e. Save Game.

The Inn Keeper

This guy will charge you money for something you can do for free! A true businessman. A night's stay in his inn will restore your life and magical powers. However his rates keep on increasing from one town to the next. Who wants to stay in an inn, when you can simply rest in the caverns and restore your life? But he may appeal to some sucker players :)


Villagers are good for gossip. They usually have some friendly advice which helps you get through the seemingly endless labyrinths.