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Community Projects

Due to Zeliard's rather unsatisfying ending, several gamers have been left with the urge to play a sequel. Since Sierra/Game Arts never came out with one, some fans who were familiar with programming, have gone ahead and attempted to create sequels/re-makes of their own.

Although compared to modern games, Zeliard may look like something trivial, but there is still a considerable amount of effort that goes into creating a game engine for it and getting all the aspects of the game play right. Since most of these fan projects consist of very small teams (often times just one person), the amount of work required becomes overwhelming and the projects soon die out.

Anyhow, I have attempted to list out all currently active projects (as well as some notable non-active projects) related to Zeliard elsewhere on the web. If you would like yours included here, make sure you have a working website dedicated to your project and send me the link by either email or twitter.



A port of Zeliard on the Flash platform with wide-screen resolution. You can already play the development version of the game in your browser using Flash from the website.

There is an active forum where most of the discussion regarding the progress of the project takes place.


Zeliard 3D


Am ambitious attempt at a 3D re-make of Zeliard. The project webpage was hosted on Geocities which doesn't exist anymore. However, I was able to find an archive of the original site which is linked above. There hasn't been much activity on this project lately except for some blog entries that surfaced on the second link above. There is also a downloadable version available from the website which you can play (although I'm not sure if the download links work anymore). The password for the installer is: 4349944. You might be able to find newer information about this project on this thread.

Although practically dead, what I personally find really impressive about this project is the concept artwork produced and screenshots of the 3D game graphics:


Zeliard inspired MORPG


Under development is a MORPG based on Zeliard. The author claims that they've spent 2 years making an engine for it, and this will be the flagship game. Some discussion about the game can be found at the thread linked above.

There is a support forum for the game engine too.


Toy Flash Game


I also stumbled upon this toy implementation of Zeliard in Flash and thought I'd throw it into the mix.


Other Community Resources

Guest Log

There is a guest log service on this website's 'Leave a Message' section. Mostly users leave their gratitude in their comments, but often you'll find some gem of new information regarding the game or tales of personal Zeliard experiences from gamers in there too.


The Planet Zeliard forum is a low volume forum where most discussion related to the game has taken place over the last few years. Its easier to sort the forum by latest discussion to see the newest activity.

facebook Facebook

I have created a fan-page for ZeliardGame on Facebook too. The purpose of the Facebook page is to foster a community centered around our favourite game and as a medium to talk back to visitors to this site. In the past, the discussions on this site have been one-way, since there wasn't any easy and quick way for me to reply back to visitor's questions. I also use the Facebook page for posting notices of updates to the site. You should the page so you can be notified when new content is available on this site. There is also a Discussions tab on the facebook page that can be used to ask questions or talk about other issues of interest.

twitter Twitter

You can also find @zeliardgame on Twitter. I also post site updates here. The Twitter account is mostly for direct communication with me since I get immediate notifications of tweets sent to @zeliardgame (I don't get notifications for messages posted on the Facebook fan page). The Facebook fan page is mostly for gamers/visitors to communicate with each other, whereas @zeliardgame is mostly for communicating directly with me.

Other Fan Sites

The only other fan site that I am aware of that is still online is zeliard.tk