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Here's a list of all the bosses you'll encounter in the Caverns and how to deal with each one of them.
'Attack Method' indicates the method used by the boss to attack you.
'Attack Strategy' indicates the strategy you should use to attack the boss.
'Easy Way' is an easy method to take out the boss, with minimum effort.
'Experience Points' aren't displayed in the game, but they are used internally to determine when the Sage can increase your power. For more details, see the Game Internals section. Thanks to gamer and hacker Crystal for providing this information
Advice when dealing with Bosses: Always rest and replinish your health outside the door to the boss. It is better to have full health before taking on the bosses. Areas outside the encounter zone and usually safe to rest except for in the 2nd cavern. However, a solution is provided (read below).


Boss of: The Caverns
Value: 150 almas +
Experience Points: 120
Attack Method: This giant crab moves slowly to the left or right, but will sometimes jump (you know he's about to jump when he tenses his legs) across you and throw toxic spit in the way. The spit doesn't do much harm, but if Cangrejo lands on you, it could lead to severe back injury.
Attack Strategy: This sucker, uh, I mean creep, is the easiest to kill boss in all the caverns. A cheap Wise Man's Sword and a Wise Man's Shield do the trick. Just run up next to him and start hitting him with your sword. Do not bump into him. That will deplete your shield. When he starts to jump, move away from him, either away from his landing zone, or under him to the other side avoiding his spit. Follow this strategy till Cangrejo blows up.
The Easy Way: The easiest way to finish off bosses is with a trusty Magia Stone available at your local magic shop. Check out the magic items section on my webpage to find out more about the magia stone. Just use the item and stand next to Cangrejo (you don't even need to slash your sword) and he'll be blowing up before you can count to 3 (maybe 2).
Advice when using Magia Stone with Bosses: This Magia Stone is so powerful that it keeps whacking the bosses while they are blowing up. So if you want to save your Magia Stone for use in the next cavern, stand away from the boss. Though in the first cavern, you will be entering the next town immediately, so there's no point in saving the Magia Stone. Might as well give that Cangrejo a good beating!


Boss of: The Deeper Caverns
Value: 200 almas + +
Experience Points: 200
Attack Method: Once you attack this octupus, it will take some time to remove it's front 2 limbs and then start firing toxic spit at you. This spit will hit and push you to the end of the cavern. Pulpo himself will not move making an easy target to hit.
Attack Strategy: This lazy octupus just sits and literally does nothing! As I mentioned earlier, you cannot rest outside the door to this monster, but the solution is that you can rest inside! Pulpo won't say a thing to you, until unless you hit him. That's how the boy in Satono was able to escape from Pulpo and was guided by the spirits back to the town to tell you about it. This guy is sort of innocent. But you need to get the crystal, so go ahead and kill him. Stand next to his 2 limbs and start hitting him with the sword. You will be able to injure him alot before he completely removes his limbs. However, once he removes then he will fire spit. You can easily jump across it. Keep hitting him and he will soon blow up. Again don't bump into him.
The Easy Way: Just take a Magia Stone and stand next to Pulpo and he's be seafood before you could say 'onomatopoeia'

Boss of: The Forest
Value: 500 almas + +
Experience Points: 500
Attack Method: This chicken has a craving for human flesh. He uses many different manoeuvres to peck at you. If he flaps his wings a couple of times, then he will lower his neck and peck at you with his beak. Otherwise he will fire a projectile towards you. If he starts flapping his wings vigorously, then he will fly towards and attack you as he lands.
Attack Strategy: This guy remind me of El Pollo Diablo from The Curse of Monkey Island, but that's another story. Anyway, Pollo's head is more vulnerable than his body. That means he will get more injured if you hit his head rather than his body. This can be achieved by jumping up and down and swishing at his head. To avoid the projectile hitting you, you simply have to duck. When you realise that he's about to fly towards you, then run to the left immediately, and keep running till he lands. If he has got you cornered this jump up and hit his head and advance towards him. That will make him move backwards. If you jump and fire a Saeta at his head, then it will do good damage. You can take Pollo out if you practice these manoeuvres.
The Easy Way: Use a Magia Stone and stand next to Pollo. As he gets hurt, he will move back. Move with him and make sure that you keep hitting him with the Magia Stone. Even if he pecks at you, keep standing still. Your shield should be able to protect you. You'll be able to take out Pollo pretty quick.


Boss of: The Ice Caverns
Value: 600 almas +
Experience Points: 1000
Attack Method: What can you expect from a giant block of agar? It fires a spherical projectile towards you, and tries to slither left and right. Otherwise it gathers all it's energy and jumps onto you. That hurts.
Attack Strategy: This creep is yet more difficult to kill than Pollo, although his life is just as much as Pollo's. Advance towards Agar and slash your sword at him. If you throw Feugo, it will do good damage, but Agar will move back to aoid it's impact. Only if Agar lands on a burning Feugo, it does some good. But that is difficult to achieve. If Agar corners you, then you're pretty much visiting the Sage in Muralla, that is, until unless, you use the easy way.
The Easy Way: Agar is a sucker if you follow the easy way. Take your good ol' Magia Stone and stand next to Agar and watch him melt. He will move away and if he feels he's being pushed around, he will jump onto you. You will still need to avoid that, because that hurts! But even if Agar does land on you, he will hurt himself more than he does you and will slither away quickly. Agar will be history in a couple of seconds this way. Slashing your sword while using the Magia Stone will do him in faster.


Boss of: The Graveyard
Value: 800 almas + +
Experience Points: 3000
Attack Method: This giant mix breed between a fish and a cow and a cyclops and a ... (I could go on forever, so I think I'll stop) is lethal. It will fly from one corner to the other, throwing 2 drops of fatal radio-active green spit at you as he does so. He will touchdown at the two corners or at any other point where you try to cross under him.
Attack Strategy: You will need a Knight's Sword to fight Vista because the Spirit Sword isn't long enough to reach to his height. The Knight's Sword also does a whole lot more damage. To hit Vista, you will have to jump and swing your sword. Alternatively, when Vista touches down, hit him with your sword. If Vista is about to get you cornered, then run under him to the other side avoiding his spit. When Vista goes down, slash him with your sword. Make sure that Vista doesn't land on you ever, because that hurts a lot. Keep using this strategy, till Vista starts exploding.
The Easy Way: There is basically no easier method than the one mentioned to get Vista. Using a Magia Stone won't do much extra damage because Vista is too high for you. The Magia Stone will only harm Vista when he touches down. You'll have to rely on your sword for this one.


Boss of: The Gold Caverns
Value: 1500 almas + +
Experience Points: 6000
Attack Method: This giant Titan is not much of a threat. He will move walk left and right, and sometimes stomp his foot and throw a rolling rock at you. The rock bounces a bit and then starts rolling.
Attack Strategy: This guy actually has less life than Vista. What a sucker!! It is actually possible to get as much life as him when you go to confront him, if you've been regular with your visits to the sage. You can download my save-game file 'Dorado.usr' to see this for yourself. (Also read the comments next to my 'Miser.usr' file.) His life is about 7 points less than Vista. I thought the bigger they get, the better they get, but they don't. To chip him down to size, you'll have to charge at him with your sword. If he moves forward at you, then slash his legs. If he fires his spit, then run back and wait till it stops bouncing, then jump over it and resume your attack method. He'll be down pretty quick.
The Easy Way:Take your ever-so-useful magia stone and charge at this deamon. Keep hitting him with your sword and the magia stone simultaneously. Don't worry if he bumps into you, the shield will withstand the damage. If he fire spit, you'll still have to avoid it. Before you know it, Tarso will be going where is head is: Hell.


Found in: Llama Town
Value: 1600 almas + (Elf Crest)
Experience Points: 3000
Attack Method: The distant cousin of Agar, is a mutated agar block (probably a special culture of algae). As I figure it out, Agar and Paguro had a row and Peguro was exiled. He took refuge in the Burning Inferno. However, when Paguro took refuge there it wasn't burning. After Jashiin, put it on fire, Paguro took refuge in Llama town in a little hut. In the cool Llama town, Paguro was able to build up his health and became stronger than Agar, but could not go back to reap revenge since he could not leave town due to the fire outside. (Oh, that's just a story I made up). His Attack Method is the same as Agar's (see above).
Attack Strategy: This guy is even yet more weaker than Tarso. That means that it is very much more weaker than Vista. But still, he is as hard to kill as Agar. You'll have to use the same strategy as you did on Agar to kill this guy. However, the easy way differs, and Paguro is much more easier to kill the easy way.
The Easy Way:Once you first enter Llama Town, go to the Sage and get the power of Agua. Do not 'See your Power' as yet. Then goto the hut where Paguro resides. No need to slash your sword at him. Just fire your Aguas. If you are smart enough, then you can finish off Agar in 3 Aguas, otherwise 4 Aguas will certainly kill him. There is no need to use a Magia Stone. Now go to the Sage again and 'See your Power'. She will replenish your Agua ammunition to 4. Smart, eh! If you want to try this out, then download my save game file called 'Paguro.usr'.


Boss of: The Burning Inferno
Value: 2500 almas +
Experience Points: 12,000
Attack Method: The Dragon of 4Ds (Death, Doom, Decay and Destruction) is the most dangerous of all villians in all the caverns and is the most difficult to kill. It is even more difficult to kill than Alguien or Jashiin himself. So you better watch out. First of all, although, the Dragon has wings, it cannot fly. So there's something to be happy about. But all other facts are not in your favour. The Dragon will use a 3-way breath attack on you. (And you know what Dragon's breathe: fire). If you are standing far away from Draon, he will fire a horizontal flame. If you are moderate distance, then Dragon will burn up the groud at a little distance from him. If you are very close to Dragon, then he will burn up the ground right next to him. And no Asbestos cape can protect you from 9999°C.
Attack Strategy: Nope, you just can't kill this baddy, with any Attack Strategy. It's just impossible. However, if you do want to try, then I'll give some suggestions. First of all, never jump. I know it's very tempting to jump and slash on his head, but if you jump, then you'll be dead before you can count to 3 (maybe 2) deja vu. Aguas, Rascars, Lanzar, or blah, blah, blah, don't do much damage. Agua evaporates before it can penetrate through Dragon. The best method would be to wet your sword with lots of Sabre Oil. Reduce the game speed (by pressing F9) and play slowly. Here's the attack Startegy: You'll need to stand at a moderate distance from Dragon, so that he fires at the ground a bit away from him. Just as he starts to fire, run towards Dragon and stand next to his body and start slashing at him, while he's busy burning the ground on the other side. When Dragon stops breathing fire, move back to where you made Dragon breath fire, and continue with the attack method. Note, even if Dragon fires right on you, do not jump. If you jump, then Dragon quickly brings his neck down, diminishing all your life. You'll need to play this a lot of times before you can defeat Dragon.
The Easy Way: There is no real easy way to defeat Dragon, but this one sure works out pretty well. First of all don't enter the Encounter zone. Stand outside and use the Magia Stone. Secondly, use as many Sabre Oils on your sword as you are carrying. Then as you probably know, there will be a Parrot Man below the area near the Encounter Zone. Go to him and get hurt. That's right. Let him hit you with his arrows at your unprotected back. When your health is considerably low (), then kill off the Parrot Man and go back up. Open the chest near the door. Then drink the Blue Potion and quickly enter the encounter zone. Don't wait for the potion to completely recover your life. Now you have become temporarily immortal. (This is a nice trick which I discovered one day by accident. Check out the Fun with Bugs section to see a video of this strategy). Anyway, now quickly run towards Dragon and keep slashing him with your sword. I would recommend jumping up and down and slashing your sword since the head/neck seem to take more damage. You can bump into him as much as you like. It won't hurt your health, just your shield. Don't worry if Dragon attacks you with fire. The effect you the healing potion will keep you alive. During battle you might notice, that even if you health goes down to zero, you don't die, but regain health. But still do remember that you have to finish off Dragon before the effect of the Healing Potion wears off. It should be pretty easy now. Once you've finished off Dragon, you'll see that you still have a little life left (), perhaps about the same, as before you drank the potion. To heal yourself completely, you can find a Blue Potion near the enterance to the next cavern. Check out my walkthrough to find out where it is exactly.
Note: You can use this technique with any boss that has a blue potion right outside their nest. i.e. Vista, Dragon and Alguien. (slash your sword at dead-end walls outside the Encounter Zone to reveal the potions).
Alternate Way: Gamer bskinz suggests an alternate way. This just goes to show how hard Dragon is to kill:

You need a magia stone and lots of jujuen (In case.) The illumination sword certainly helps, too. Go in, activate your stone and stand back for his first blast of flame. When he is far away from you, he will lean down and extend his neck, chew a few times to warm up his firey breath, and then jet out flame directly at you. This is the *only* firebreathing animation that you can interrupt. You can use magic, but as all your spells do no damage it's better to save them for part two. Jump and chop his head as he first leans down and he will take a step backwards and blink. This is your cue to get away from him before he a.) Breaths fire down onto the ground you are standing on (Always painful) or b.) does a lightning quick CHOMP, which is impossible to see coming and hurts a hell of a lot (About 1/6 of a full health bar with shield, about 1/3 in the back/without shield!). You want to repeat this, over and over, taking a bit of health at a time. The only complication is that sometimes he decides to close the distance between you, put you in the corner and roast you with his diagonal ground breath. This is Part Two of the strategy. To avoid this unwanted proximity, shoot him with magic as he is trundling towards you. Lanzar and Aqua work best. Note you MUST shoot him before he starts any downward flame breath, otherwise he'll roast you anyway. It's almost inevitable that you'll get hit a bit, but don't let your health drop below 1/3 of a full health bar, otherwise a single chomp to your back can finish you off. It takes a lot of patience but that's how I did it.


Boss of: The Fruit Gardens
Value: 3800 almas + +
Experience Points: 30,000
Attack Method: Well, now that you've killed the Dragon, nothing should be difficult for you. This giant Bat-type-of-creature will use a non-avoidable breath attack on you. (Is that thing his tongue or what). Anyway, you will get hit by his tongue but that won't do much damage. (How much damage can a tongue do, anyway?) Alguein will fly left and right trying to kick your ass, but he ain't very good at it.
Attack Strategy: The townsfolk told you that Jashiin used his powers to give him eternal life. This doesn't mean he's invincible. It just means that even if you kill him and get the crystal and then die at Jashiin's hand or use a Kiouku feather to chicken-out, then you'll have to fight him again to get to Jashiin. He is a sort of a body-guard for Jashiin. To finish him off, you'll have to jump about with your Feruza shoes, slashing your sword at his tail. Jump through his 'breath-attack' to get through it. This guy is pretty easy to kill.
The Easy Way: Magia Stone ain't useful cause he's too high. Although, About 3 Guerra's should be able to finish him, since that spell does massive damage. If you want to save all your Guerra's for Jashiin, then bring along a chakira powder.


Found in: Jashiin's Chamber:
Experience Points: 10,000
Attack Method: Ah, yes, finally Jashiin. The one we've all been dying to meet. After a small chit chat, you'll find yourself in Jashiin's Chamber, and no sight of Jashiin himself. Use this time to acquaint yourself with your surroundings. Jashiin, being the immensely powerful villian that he is, has the ability to go invisible. He will appear after some time and fire a Feugo or Lightening Bolt at you and disappear. Once you've weakened him, he will lose his power to phase out. He will desperately run backwards left or right. Once you've cornered him, he will jump above you to the other side. Jashiin can replinish his health very quickly. Far more quickly than you. He can heal about 25 points of his life in one go. Once he's healthy, he'll regain his ability to phase out.
Attack Strategy: Although, Jashiin may sound tough to kill, he isn't. In the beginning when Jashiin appears temporarily you'll have to avoid his Fuego or Lightening bolt by jumping away from it and you'll have to attack him with your sword. Jashiin only get's hurt when he's visible. He does not get hurt when he's invisible or when he's blinking (i.e. getting ready to go invisible). Alternatively, when Jashiin is visible, you can use your Guerra, to weaken him. This is the best method. Once Jashiin loses his ability to phase out, you'll have to run up to him and slash him with your sword. Agua doesn't do much damage. If you were using Guerra before to weaken him, then your stock must have finished. If you have Chikara Powder then use it or it just as easy to finish him with your sword. Remember to keep having your Feruza boots on. Jashiin walks faster than you, so probably the only time you'll be able to hit him is when he's jumping over head. Jump with him and slash him. Jashiin dies pretty quickly.
The Easy Way: As it is, the above mentioned way is pretty easy and there is no easier way. However there is a little way to fasten the process. In the beginning when Jashiin does not appear for some time, move yourself towards a corner and wait for him. When Jashiin appears, you can fire your Guerra and just jump straight up to avoid his fire. Don't move away from the corner. If you stay near the corner then Jashiin will not disappear, but simply blink for a while and reappear. This fastens the process. If you are not near a corner, then Jashiin usually disappears for 1 or 2 seconds before re-appearing. This doesn't happen when you are at a corner. Once Jashiin is weakened you'll have to run after him to finish him off with your Enchantment Sword. You can use Sabre Oil. It is very useful. Magia Stone is not very good here. Instead I would advice you to keep a Juu-en Fruit. If you weaken Jashiin and are unsuccessful in killing him off before he replenishes his health, then you'll need to replenish your health also with the Juu-en Fruit to continue fighting. Besides that, Jashiin is easy to kill. You'll actually have fun killing him off.

Best of Luck!!