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Magical Items and Spells

Here is a list of magical items and spells. You can buy the items from the Magic Shop, while the Sage will teach you the spells as you go on.

Magical Items:
Ken'ko Potion:

Magic Brewer's Comments: "Well, it's a special blend of yunkel fruit and ripodi leaf. It's low in price and as a mild health tonic, it's perfect."
My Comments: It's good if you want a low health increase. It will increase your health by 11 points or the same as a red potion that is this much . It's only useful in the initial caverns, where you have a low life. It's only plus point is that it's damn cheap.

Juu-en Fruit:

Magic Brewer's Comments: "This is the fruit of the Juu-en tree which bears only once every ten years. The price is a bit high, but it provides excellent relief from wounds and exhaustion -- it's quite a bit better than the Ken'ko potion."
My Comments: This replaces the Ken'ko potion in the later caverns. It's excellent for replinishing your health and works just like the blue potion. A bit expensive, but worth the price.

Elixir of Kashi:

Magic Brewer's Comments: "This potion is made from the broth of mistletoe simmered on the night of a full moon. It restores magical powers. It's very bitter, but the price is low."
My Comments: This will restore the number of magical spells you can cast. However it has very limited powers. It will only restore 1 magic spell, so select the one you want to restore and use it. For this disadvantage it comes cheap.

Chikara Powder:

Magic Brewer's Comments: "This is made from a mixture of the powdered dragon scales and crushed Wise Man's Stone steamed for one hundred days. It will fully restore your magical powers. The price, however..... is high."
My Comments: This thing will do wonders for you. It'll restore all your magic spell casting abilities. It's not very expensive either. Useful in the last 3 caverns.

Magia Stone:

Magic Brewer's Comments: "This stone protects the aura that living beings exude. It surrounds the aura to prevent interference from other auras and acts as a protection against enemy attacks."
My Comments: The best item you can pick from the magic shop. It's damn good and takes out villians as if they were sitting ducks. It's supposed to be a stone which encircles you and kills monsters that come within it's reach. It's like a protective forcefield. It takes out the initial bosses in a couple of seconds. It will last pretty long too. It's effect wears off if you enter a town, or if it has been extensively used, like to continuously injure bosses although they are exploding.

Holy Water of Acero:

Magic Brewer's Comments: "This is a liquified metal made from mercury and iron. If you paint it on a shield weakened by battle, the shield will regain its original strength."
My Comments: This thing is basically useless. Most of your shileds won't wear out during battles. You should be able to protect them from massive damage. Or you can always take them to the Weapon's Master for repair. So this H2Hg3Fe2O isn't all that useful. :)

Sabre Oil:

Magic Brewer's Comments: "Hmm... I don't know much about this one, but I do know that it increases the offensive power of a sword. Don't worry, it hasn't killed anyone yet."
My Comments: Don't worry, it will kill minions easily. Just use it and your sword's power increases. So you go to the caverns and those who die by two slices of the sword go in one. Also this thing is cumulative, that means the more you use, the more powerful your sword gets. It's useful in the later levels, when you're heading out to do in the bosses. It almost doubles a sword's strength, or to be more exact, it increases a sword's strength by about 230%.

Kioku Feather:

Magic Brewer's Comments: "This feather remembers the voice of the last wise man who spoke to you. If you hold it in your right hand and swing it once, you'll return to him. It's never failed anyone I know."
My Comments: If you're in some later caverns and have a sudden urge to go to Muralla, the 1st town, then use this feather. Or, if you're in the Encounter Zone and your facing a boss and want to chicken-out and you don't see an exit door, then use the feather and you'll be in Muralla town. It's basically a useless feather. Never found any use for it. Why would anyone want to go to Muralla or chicken-out of a battle?

Magical Spells:

A weak spell which throws swords at your enemy. Doesn't do much damage. Isn't good at all.


This spell throws arrows at your enemy. It is pretty useful and has got a long range. In the later levels, it is useful in crumbling away weak far-away walls like in the Gold (6th) Caverns.


This spell lets you cast fire which travels a small distance and settles down to burn for a little time. It will do good damage if you can get to land it on your enemy, but it doesn't have a good range. It's good for extinguishing the undestructable red slime monsters in the Graveyard (5th) Cavern.


A very useful spell which lets you fire a flame in front of you. The range is good and so is the damage. It's useful for killing off the parrot-man in the Burning Inferno (7th cavern) who moves back and fires arrows. Can also be used to ward off the undestructable red slime monsters.


A damn useless spell, which lets you make rocks fall from the roof to the ground and injure the creatures that come in it's path. It's difficult to get a proper aim with it, and it won't do much damage either. It might be useful on Tarso (6th cavern boss) if you can get a good aim. Otherwise it's useless. A complete disappointment.


A powerful spell which let's you throw water at your enemies. Excellent in the Burning Inferno (7th level) to kill off all creatures. It's good a good range and more fire power so does lots of damage and will take out all minions in all the caverns in one strike except three: the undestructible red slime monster, the blue flying creature and the Flying Jellyfish. Otherwise this spell is wonderful!


The ulitmate spell of lightening. Nothing in the caverns can survive this thing. It inflicts massive damage, even on the bosses. When you fire it, you can see the ligtening emit from you in all directions and takes out every little creature in sight. This thing is excellent!!!