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There are a total of 9 towns in the entire game. Each town is unique with it's own pricing for goods. The townsfolk always have some useful advice to give you. In Llama town, you'll need to get the Elf Crest to gain the villagers' trust. Here is a brief description of each town and the land surrounding it followed by comparison charts for prices of weapons, armors, magic, inn rates and exchange rates for all towns.
The town from where you begin your journey. On the outskirts of the town is King Felishika's Palace and Princess Felisia's tomb. This town leads the enterance to the caverns which will eventually lead you to Jashiin.
This is an underground town built inside the caves. It's just slightly underground and the terrain around the town resembles that of The Caverns. Therefore I call it the Deeper Caverns. The minions that reside here also closely resemble those found in The Caverns, but are more dangerous. As you advance closer to Jashiin, the minions become ever more powerful and you need stronger weapons to deal with them.
This town has 2 exits. One leads to The Caverns while the other leads to the Deeper Caverns.
You are now out of the Deeper Caverns and into the Forest. Bosque is located inside this forest and you will be doing all your adventures in this level on tree tops. The branches of the trees are held together firmly enough to support you, but there may be some areas where the foilage is weak and where you can fall down. There are some items hidden in the tree trunks. There used to be a temple in Bosque but it was destroyed by Jashiin. You can learn more about the temple by talking to the townsfolk.
This town also has two exits. One leads to the Forest, while the other (the one guarded by the sentry) leads to Pollo (the Forest boss).
This town was the home of the shoemaker Percel. Helada used to be a warm and prosperous place, but now is a cold barren place. Helada itself is located in an ice cave and is surrounded by Icy Caverns. It's hard to get a grip on the slippery ice and you are bound to slide due to inertia before coming to a halt after running.
Both exits from the town lead into the Ice Caverns
Tumba and the land surrounding it was a peaceful graveyard, but Jashiin turned it into the horendous abode of haunting deamons like zombies. Half of the land surrounding Tumba is covered with Gelroid, a gelatinous liquid that literally sucks the life out of you. Pirika shoes are required to get across it. Tumba is also an underground town.
One exit from the town leads to the Gelroid part of the Graveyard while the other exit leads to the non-gelroid area of the Graveyard.
Dorado, yet another underground town, used to be a thriving merchant town with a large statue of peace called Taruso. However Jashiin stole money from this town and with all the riches of the surrounding towns, he built himself the Caverns of Gold, which surround Dorado. Jashiin beheaded Taruso and gave him life, renamed him as Tarso and made him the gaurdian of the Burning Inferno. All walls surrounding Dorado are made up of bricks of gold.
One exit leads to the Gold Caverns, while the other leads to the way to Tarso.
Finally a town that's located on the surface. It is too hot underground, for the town to be located there. Jashiin unleashed all his fury into the underground caverns filling the walls with fire. it is too hot down there to survive and you will need an Asbestos cape to survive the heat stroke. The immense heat causes currents of hot air to form, which you can use to your advantage.
Both exits lead to the Burning Inferno
This last underground town, is located in the Fruit Gardens: a rich vineyard, with fruits bursting from the walls. Since this place is very close to Jashiin's Chambers, therefore there are some of his henchmen in town, who will try to fool you.
This town has one exit which leads to the Fruit Gardens and a concealed underground tunnel which leads to another underground town.
This secret and extremely well hidden town lies on the surface and is near to Pureza. This town is also leads to the Fruit Gardens. The townsfolk here are very useful with their gossip. This town also has be best prices for all commodities, including a Church, where you can spend the night for free.

The following table shows all the items available in each town and the price of that item in that specific town.

Muralla Satono Bosque Helada Tumba Dorado Llama Pureza Esco
Training Sword 400 800 800 400 - - - 100 10
Wise Man's Sword 1500 1500 1500 3000 3000 - - 1000 100
Spirit Sword - - 6800 5440 4760 3400 1360 1360 680
Knight's Sword - - - - Elf Crest 7840 5880 3920 1960
Illumination Sword - - - - - 69800 34800 32800 29800
Enchantment Sword - - - - - - - - -
Clay Shield 50 50 5 - - - - - 2
wise Man's Shield 150 150 150 50 - - - - 10
Stone Shield - 2980 2380 1780 1780 890 - - 298
Honor Shield - - - 9800 7840 5880 5880 3920 1960
Light Shield - - - - - 14800 10360 7400 5920
Titanium Shield - - - - - - 39800 31800 23800
Magic Items:-
Ken'ko Potion 50 50 - - - - - - 2
Ju-enn Fruit - - 240 300 600 600 900 - 200
Elixir of Kashi - 60 60 120 - - - - 40
Chikara Powder - - - 320 - - - - 200
Magia Stone 1000 - 1500 - - 2000 2500 - 800
Sabre Oil 1200 1200 1200 - 2000 - 2400 - 1000
Kioku Feather - - 350 350 - - 350 350 150
Holy Water of Acero - 100 - 100 - 200 - - 80
Inn Rates Church 30 50 70 100 150 200 400 Church
Almas to Gold Ratio 1:6 1:6 1:8 1:4 1:2 1:4 4:2 1:6 1:8