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Misc Items

Here are a list of misc items all of which will be found in the caverns.

Almas I:

You get an almas whenever you kill an enemy in the caverns. Sometimes you don't get any almas, but you usually do. In the first few caverns, Almas I is abundant. You can exchange almas for gold in the towns.

Almas X:

In the deeper caverns, you start to get Almas X, which is equal to 10 almas. This is really useful to get more cash from the banker.

Almas C:

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The more tougher and difficult to destroy enemies give off Almas C, which is equal to 100 almas. Excellent for increasing your almas (not to mention gold) collection.


You will occasionally find a chest during your journeys. This chest may contain untold treasures such as potions, crests, boots, gold, swords or possibly nothing. They introduce the element of surprise in the game.

Red Potion:

This potion will restore a little of your life power. It increases your life by 11 points, i.e. this much: . It is only useful in the first 2 caverns where you have a short life, but after that it is not very useful.

Blue Potion:

This potion will restore all your life from 0 to 100%. It has it's limitations though. If you drink it and get lots of damage before the effect of the potion of over, then it might not be able to restore all your life. But that is very rare. Always, this potion will heal you completely. It is very useful in the deeper caverns.

Blue Rock:

If you ever cross a blue rock, then you will be prompted with a hint. Blue rocks are located at various places in the caverns and are very helpful sometimes.


Througout your journeys, you will need to find keys to unlock closed doors inside the caverns.

The Lion Head's Key:

The Lion Head's Key was given to one of the women in Pureza so that she could hand it down to Duke Garland, but one of Jashiin's underlings stole it and hid it somewhere in the caverns. The Lion Head's Key is needed to gain access to the Percel's last and ultimate shoes and also to get a legendary sword.

Tear of Esmesanti:

This precious crystal is the the thing which you need to destroy Jashiin forever. You'll need to collect 8 of these from his minor villanous bosses and get the 9th mega crystal.

9th Tear of Esemanti:

This huge hell of a crystal, is the last and ultimate ingredient needed to finish off Jashiin, forever. You can get it after you have defeated Jashiin, himself in his chambers.