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Weapons, Armour and Crests

Here is a list of weapons, shields and crests. The weapons and shields are found at the Weapon Shop, while the Crests are located in the caverns.

Also check out the Game Internals section for specifics on how much damage each sword can do
Training Sword:

Weapons Master's Comments: "Well, I'd say this sword is all right for a beginner. You get what you pay for. It's your standard, maintenance-free sword. If money's a problem, this one's for you."
My Comments: Not at all recommended. If you're going bankrupt or something, then only buy this sword, otherwise you should go for the Wise Man's Sword.

Wise Man's Sword:

Weapons Master's Comments: "This one is just a bit better than the Training Sword. Once you get the hang of it, it's an easy one to wield. The price is a bit higher, but you can't lose on this one. Why not take it with you?"
My Comments: This one packs a harder punch than the Training Sword, but isn't the best. Good for killing off snails, bats and frogs in one blow.

Spirit Sword:

Weapons Master's Comments: "You like this one? A wise choice. This is a high grade product. It's one of my biggest sellers."
My Comments: This one is a bit more economical, but not the best sword for taking out baddies.

Knight's Sword:

Weapons Master's Comments: "Oh, I'd be more than happy to tell you about this one. This is a real man's sword. It'll topple monsters in the wink of an eye."
My Comments: That's right. This sword will topple monsters in the wink of an eye, specially Vista. Although the Weapon's Master's got this weapon in stock, he won't sell one because he's somewhat angry that his family crest was stolen. What a wimp!

Illumination Sword:

Weapons Master's Comments: "You've got a lot of grit I'd say. This one really packs a punch. A top-of-the-line sword for a top-of-the-line-swordsman. Will you take it?"
My Comments: The best you'll get from the weapon's shop. It's damn good and takes out villians as if they were sitting ducks. It's pretty darn long too.

Enchantment Sword (or more famously known as the Sword of the Fairy Flame):

Weapons Master's Comments: The guy hasn't even heard of it. Can you believe that!! Check out the 'Fun with Bugs' section for this.
My Comments: This is the best sword in the whole wide world. This thing can take out the undestructable red slime monster in the 5th (graveyard) level in just one blow. No other sword was powerful enough to do that. This sword will kill any of Jashiin's underlings in just one blow. It is the longest sword you'll ever see. This is simply the best.
If you're confused about the Sword of the Fairy Flame and the Enchantment sword, then read this part of my Fruit Gardens walkthrough, where a satisfactory explaination is provided.

Clay Shield:

Shield Power: 30
Weapons Master's Comments: "This shield is small and has limited defense capability. It's not very durable -- unless it's used with great skill, it won't last long. It's better than nothing, I guess."
My Comments: You basically shouldn't need to buy this shield. It'll wear out in a minute, if not less. I wouldn't even recommend buying it if you're short on cash. I think that no shield is better than wasting your money on that piece of shit.

Wise Man's Shield:

Shield Power: 80
Weapons Master's Comments: "Well, it's slightly better than the Clay Shield. Long ago, a well-known hero used it for a short time. You could do a lot worse."
My Comments: Your basic shield. It's pretty weak, but good for the initial caverns.

Stone Shield:

Shield Power: 180
Weapons Master's Comments: "This one is more of a general-use shield. It's not the best one I carry. I can't really recommend it, I think it will soon be obsolete."
My Comments: A lot better than the Wise Man's Shield. This will certainly last longer and is useful against attacks from bosses like Pulpo and Pollo.

Honour Shield:

Shield Power: 300
Weapons Master's Comments: "This shield is in a class by itself. It is strong and light and easy to use. This is a superior shield, the least a brave man should have."
My Comments: This is your everday use economical shield. You soon get boored by it's dull look, but it'll last long. It's good and you should keep it for a long time.

Light Shield:

Shield Power: 300
Weapons Master's Comments: "Ho! You've got quite an eye for these things, I see. This shield is not made of common iron. It is made of a magic metal called Magane. Against ordinary weapons, it's unbreakable."
My Comments: A useless shield. It is expensive for no reason. I was disappointed when I first bought this shield, only to find out that it's shield power is the same as the previous shield. That Weapons Master will say anything to get you to buy his products. Don't go for this shield. The Honour Shield should work fine till you get the Titanium Shield.
Updated comments: I was wrong about this shield. It actually is useful as have been pointed out to me by several gamers. Its quite evident if you try to go through the Gold Caverns without upgrading your shield to this one. The Honour Shield breaks too easily here. Although the Shield Power for this shield is still 300, it loses strength at a much slower rate than the Honour Shield and hence is much more durable. See the Game Internals section for more details.

Titanium Shield

Shield Power: 600
Weapons Master's Comments: "This shield makes the mightiest swords seem like paper. It's light as a feather and hard as a diamond. Used well, this one will last you a lifetime."
My Comments: The Weapon's Master is right about this one. It will last you a lifetime. It's very durable and will protect you till the very end.

Hero's Crest:

The temple that once stood in Bosque Village had the crest of the Warrior God carved into it. Winners of the martial arts competitions held in front of the temple were awarded with such crests. Thus the crest, the symbol of a true hero, became known as the Hero's Crest. When Jashiin destroyed the temple, he stole the Hero's Crest and ordered his underlings to hide the crest in the trunk of the biggest tree.
You need to get this crest to get past the sentry in Bosque Village who is blocking your way to the enterance to the Encounter Zone. Allegedly some spirits came to him and told him to do so. But I think that the lady in the town is right: he's nuts!

The Crest of Glory:

It seems that Jashiin has stolen many things. The Weapons Master lost his family crest, the Crest of Glory. It's hidden in a chest somewhere. The Weapon's Master is so pissed off that he won't give you a Knight's Sword until unless you trade it for a Crest of Glory.

Elf Crest:

Recently some henchmen of Jashiin had been posing as heroes and wreaking havoc on Llama Town. Now they suspect you to be one of them. Without the Elf Crest, no one there will speak to you or help you.
A lady in town has the Elf Crest, but she will only give it to you once you've gotten rid of a monster in her house. Some house, it's more like an Encounter Zone!