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Items you can Wear

Here are a list of the items you can wear and the story behind them. You'll find all of them in the caverns and you will need all of them to get to Jashiin. Most of them have been made by Parcel, our friendly town-travelling shoemaker.

Ruzeria Shoes:

Found in: Ice Caverns (4th Cavern)
Story: The shoemaker in Helada town was trying to make special shoes out of Ruzeria bark, to help a hero walk on the ice. Just as he managed to do so, Jashiin's minions murdered him. He was killed by Jashiin's underlings just after the Spirits asked him to make the Ruzeria shoes for a brave man. Percel the shoemaker said that without the Ruzeria shoes one could not go beyond the green door. Ruzeria is the name of a tree that grows in the underground forest. The bark is very hard and is not slippery.
My comments: Without these shoes you're prone to slipping on the ice and you won't be able to keep your balance on thin pillars. That is why, you're going to need these shoes to get to the Encounter Zone. These shoes are only useful in the Ice Caverns and become useless later on.

Pirika Shoes:

Found in: The Graveyard (5th Cavern)
Story: The Gelroid is a blue gelatinous substance which will suck the life out anyone who walks in it. Percel the shoemaker from Helada Town made Ruzeria shoes for walking on ice and Pirika shoes for getting by Gelroid, thorns and fire. One third of the Graveyard is covered with deadly Gelroid. If anyone is going to continue through the labyrinths, ordinary shoes will not protect them.
My comments: These shoes are damn good. They protect you from thorns, Gelroid, molten gold, fire and burning coals. You need these shoes in the Graveyard because otherwise you can't get to Vista (5th Cavern boss).

Silkarn Shoes:

Found in: Gold Caverns (6th Cavern)
Story: The Silkarn shoes were made by the spirits at the behest of Percel. When you wear those shoes you can climb any slope.
My comments: There ain't much of a story behind these shoes. But they are useful. You can use them to scale any slope, which is pretty useful to get to the next cavern. They are also useful in the later levels.

Asbestos Cape:

Found in: Llama Town (7th Town)
Story: The caverns in the Burning Inferno are, as you can guess, burning hot. No one can stand it long. A villager in Llama town has something that can help. It's an Asbestos cape that will protect the one who wears it from the heat. It is his prized possession so he won't give it for free. Although he is willing to sell it for 2500 almas.
My comments: This cape is useful in the Burning Inferno. If you don't wear it, then the heat will soon get to you and lower your life. After some time it will eventually finish you off. The Asbestos cape will protect you from the heat. This cape is only useful in one cavern.

Feruza Shoes:

Found in: Gold Caverns (6th Caverns)
Story: You aren't told anything about these shoes. They come as a surprise. But one can easily figure out the story. The shoes are, ofcourse, made by Percel and the Spirits probably asked him to make them. This is Percel's final piece of work before his death. Or maybe he died after making the Ruzeria shoes and the Spirits resurructed him to make more shoes or something. Anyway, it is clear that the Spirits hid the shoes in the Cavern of Arrugia along with the Sword of the Fairy Flame. I make this conclusion since the key to the cavern is special and it was handed to a woman in Pureza by the Spirits themselves. Unfortunately, she lost it but, you can easily find it in the Fruit Gardens, but the door it opens lies in the Gold Caverns. These shoes are probably made from some rubbery material which enables one to jump higher than normal. Without these shoes it is impossible to get to Jashiin. That's why the Holy Spirits ordered the making of these shoes.
My comments: These shoes are ulta-mega cool. You can jump atleast twice as high as normal with these shoes which is great for catching hold of high vines or jumping onto higher ground or jump up slopes without changing shoes.