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Duke Garland's Walkthrough

The Forest


This the first complex level of the game, with a lot of story connected with it. Here's the walkthru-map:

To Get Hero's Crest: 1, 2(go through door), 3, 4, 5, 6(go through door), 7(go through door), 8(go through door), 9, 10 (Slash your sword at the tree trunk dead-end and it will tear up to reveal the hero's crest.)

To Get Key: Goto 8(follow Hero's Crest instructions), then 11, 12, 13, 14(key)

To Go to Boss: Just go to the Bosque Village and show your Proof of Heroism (Hero's Crest) to the guard and he will let you through. (Feel like slapping him a couple of times). Go right and fall down and you'll see the door to El Pollo Diablo.

After you kill the Boss, you'll see a door. Go through and then enter the door with no symbol.


  • From 2(Madera) go left and fall down. Go left and you'll find a chest of gold.
  • From 2(Riza), go right, down the vine and left. You'll find a blue potion.
  • From 7(Riza), go left and up the lift. You'll find a chest there.
  • From 12, go right, across the chasm and onto the moving platform. Slash your sword when near the tree trunk and the trunk will tear to reveal a red potion.
  • There are also lots of other red potions hidden in tree trunks. Whenever you approach a dead end, tear open the tree trunk, to see if it reveals something.

It's time to chill out, and do some ice-skating.

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