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Duke Garland's Walkthrough

The Burning Inferno

Here are some useful information before you start. You can get information on how to kill the Dragon from the Boss part of this website.
Once you enter the level, go right quickly and enter the town, otherwise you'll be burned to a crisp. Don't try any exploring the caverns without the Asbestos cape. Apparently Jashiin has unleashed all his fury (literally) into these caverns. Anyway, once you enter town, don't exchange almas. Instead kill Paguro (use the Boss part of the website for help) and then with the extra almas you get, buy the asbestos cape. This is very important. You can't bargain on the price, so just buy it as soon as you enter town.
Read the Boss part of this site on Paguro to find useful information on how to deal with Paguro while saving on your newly acquired Aguas.

Exit Llama from the East (right) exit and then just follow the numbers from 1 to 40 to get all the 3 keys in one go and return to Llama from the West (left) exit. Sorta like a huge circular journey!
CORRER CAVE: Do not deviate from the straight lines shown on the Correr Cave maps below otherwise you'll end up somewhere where you didn't want to, and you'll have to start your journey all over again. An arrow-head in Correr Cave shows a one way invisible wall. Also beware of the wolves in Correr Caves who like to push you into wrong directions.

In the map below, when you reach 22, just jump straight up. An air current will transport you to 23.

Note: You only need to go to 23 if you are trying to get to the Dragon. If you still don't have the third key, you can instead take a shorter route to just get the key: From 22, go to the right and enter the blue door. You'll find yourself in Caliente. Go to the left and fall down the chasm. You'll find yourself near 39 in Caliente in the maps below. Go through the door, and you'll find yourself at 39 in Correr now. You'll see a chest in front of you that has the last key in it. To get back on the path to the Dragon, you'll have to get to 38 in Correr. That's only possible by following the path from 22 to 23 and so onwards till 38.

When you reach 24, arrange the lifts so that you can jump from one to next and use this technique to get across without falling down. You might want to keep the first lift down so that if you fall down you can use it to come back up. To keep the first lift down, you will need to use both the first and second lifts, lowering each in turn and then finally using the second lift to get back up, and leaving the first lift down. Finally go through the door at 26.

When at 35, use the upper moving block and crouch while on it to avoid falling off.

So now you have used 2 keys to open 2 locked doors and have a third key to open the door to the Encounter Zone. Save your game in Llama because you will never be able to kill Dragon in your first try and will need to follow the long path to Dragon a lot of times before being successful in slaughtering it. To get to the Dragon you will need to get back to the position indicated as 38 in the Correr cave map using any way you like. The shortest way is this:
Leave Llama from the west (left) exit and goto 9 (the second of the two adjacent red doors). Go through the door at 9 in the Cavern of Caliente and then follow on from 14 in the Cavern of Reaccion. Follow 14 right up to 38. You should be in Correr Cave now. Follow the following path: (The colours of doors are indicated on the map below, to help you with directions)
ADVICE: Use a magia stone to prevent wolves from pushing you into the wrong direction and to kill off wolves that jump over you when you are on vines. A curved line in the map below indicates that you should jump. When you take your first jump in the map below, a wolf will quickly attack you and push you down into the chasm. Therfore you need to take another jump to avoid him, then turn back and slash your sword, beheading the bloody beast of prey. Then just follow upto 41.

Having trouble dealing with the Dragon? Use the Boss section of this site and read about how to deal with the Dragon for help.

Finally it is time to enter the last cavern and seek Jashiin personally and settle the score...... once and for ALL OF ETERNITY.

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