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Duke Garland's Walkthrough

Caverns of Gold

Note: This walkthrough is just going to be a short guide on how to get the shoes and the keys. Maybe I'll put up a detailed walkthrough later. If you have any trouble with this walkthrough, then contact me via twitter

To get the key to town

Go down to the right, then left. Go to other side using moving platform. Climb vine & get key. Go through hot molten gold and down the lift. Climb vine to top. Go right, climb vine again. Go right, climb vine and enter dorado.

To get Silkarn Shoes and Key

Exit Dorado from the east(right). Go down vine. Go left. Climb down vine. Go left. CLimb down long vine till you reach shiny platform below. Wait for moving platform. Climb second vine once riding the moving platform. Climb the vine to the top. Go left and climb vine from moving platform. Go right and climb vine and go right. Do not go on moving platform. Fall down. Go through purple door.

Go left and jump across vine. Hitch a ride on moving platform. Crumble away fake gold walls with sword or magical spell (Saeta is excellent here). Anyway, get to the other side by help of the moving platform. Go left, climb vine. Go left and fall down slope. Go through blue door.

Go right, climb vine, go left. There will be a vine near the moving platform and next to the cross. Climb it to the top. Then while falling down to your right, crumble the fake gold block below the cross with your sword. Climb vine again and land yourself in the empty place under the cross. Do this by holding down the right arrow key () while you fall down on the right side. Then jump across the chasm and towards the red door. Go through it.

Go up the chamber and open the chest to get the shoes. Wow!!!! Now go back through red door.

Fall down to the right. Go left and down the lift. Go left and climb down the vine. Go through the red door.

Fall down to the left. Go down the slope to the left. Try out new shoes and scale longer slope. Go left and fall down. Get on the lift and bring it down till you see two other lifts. Let all 3 lifts form steps so incase you fall down, you can climb your way back up. Go right and climb vine by jumping from moving platform. Go right and step on lift. Move lift up. You will be near some blocks with small gaps in between them. Do not try to jump across them, you will only fall down. Simply run across them as you normally do. Keep going right and through purple door.

Go left (do not go on the moving platform) and fall down. Go through blue door.

Climb chamber to top and get key. Come back down and lower the lift. Fall down to the right and fall down to the right again. Keep going right till you reach a 2nd vine. Climb down vine and fall down on the slope. Go right. CLimb down long vine. MOve lift down. Go right and into Dorado.

To goto boss "Tarso"

Exit the town from the West (left) and make your way up. This is how to deal with the moving platform that you can't see from where you make your fall onto it. First position yourself on the vine as this, so that the platform is just visible in the bottom of the screen. Then just as the platform touches the side wall (as shown in the picture)

then start climbing up and keep moving up till you touch the ceiling. Once you do, hit the 'right arrow key' and keep going right without stopping. You will land on the platform. The rest is history.

A pretty darn booring walkthrough. But it gets you the shoes and the keys.

Next level is the most difficult as yet, the Burning Inferno. The labyrinths there are endless and infinite. It is utter torture. But someone's gotta do it.

Got questions? Ask them via twitter